230418 "The BEST Biological benefits of being KIND"

Kindness, Selflessness, Altruism... high concepts that are touted in self help books, on the big screen, and of course in all manner of religious dogma. It is said that you should 'treat others like you would like to be treated'. So is this kindness to others really just a "bank" that we get to fill to hold our own self esteem at a certain level? Or is there really something to actually being KIND to others? What do acts of Altruism do for our health? Im interested and today will dig in on the concepts that surround the Kindness to others. 

160418 "Adaptogens could save your life"

As I write this now, I am sitting in JFK in New York City. This airport Is a microcosm of a greater craziness that is the world we live in right now. The constant hustle, the environmental pollution, and our daily training grind all has an effect on our overall longevity. The analogy of burning both ends of the candle is absolutely the truth for many of us. A byproduct of all this is adrenal fatigue and cognitive decline we could be slowly getting sick because of it. Well I have a ancient strategy to keep you living longer, training harder and thinking clearer. 

090418 "Top 10 Foods that can Replenish Electrolytes"

If you grew up in the 90's like myself, you probably remember the incredible amount of commercials touting the benefits of Sports Drinks like Gatorade and Powerade to replenish the electrolytes lost during exercise. These drinks became synonymous with winning.. and now 2 decades later they are probably the most reviled products in the Whole Foods movement. new science is out on electrolytes and food. It turns out that for the casual exerciser like you and me, we are better off relying on our nutrition to prepare our bodies before training and replenish ourselves after a clang and bang session. Here are 10 Foods that are easy solutions for electrolyte replacement. 

020418 "3 Protein Consumption strategies for Muscle Mass"

We all want it. The lean muscle, the trim midline, and to be smashing in the gym. As we have discussed extensively, its not all made in the training environment or the competition floor, its built in the kitchen. Protein intake has a huge impact on the body composition you want and the performance you deserve. But the question always arises, "How much do I need?" & "When should I eat it?". In the pursuit of greatness, science has devoted a lot of time to optimizing the amount and timing of your protein intake. I have deciphered many studies and have come to 3 easy to follow strategies for Protein consumption. 

260318 "Expand Consciousness, Increase Performance; Meditation For Athletes

Awareness is control. Your Best self is realized when actions are completed with purpose, without self doubt, and in a state of present being. And if this is true, then living without purpose, doubting our abilities, and not being present during performance is keeping us from truly excelling. An athletes mentality is just as important as their physical ability, therefore we must learn to harness the power of our consciousness. The following tips are easy to implement and have helped me keep reality in perspective and goals in sight. While the development of increased consciousness and awareness is a HUGE topic, the first step is always understanding and then small interventions. YOU CAN ACHIEVE INCREASED CONSCIOUSNESS!

190317 "5 Ways to Detoxify your Liver and Improve Performance"

Take a moment right now and place your hand just below the diaphragm. Inhale deeply, exhale and take a moment to thank your Liver. This little guy has been working hard for you all your life, a thankless job but one that is essential for your life as you know it. No matter what you have thrown at it, the Liver works hard to keep you on track. If you are like me, you and your liver could share some stories! Well today we are going to give thanks to our livers and Im going to give you 5 EASY DETOXIFYING TIPS to help you keep your Liver at Peak levels and boost your performance as an athlete. Given all that you two have been through, its time.. and probably overdue.

120318 "Eating a Rainbow: What your Vegetable color is telling you"

What was that old Lucky Charms Commercial tag line... "Taste the Rainbow".. Well instead of crushing your GUT microbiome with inflammatory processed grains, lets talk about the rainbow of colors that your vegetables provide and the associated health benefits of each. Our Mother Nature is incredibly diverse and in this diversity we have the ability to fill the entire spectrum of daily nutritional needs. The color of our veggies tell us what phytochecmicals lie inside and peeling this information back, we can target our menu to help us become the healthiest possible version of ourselves.

050318 "4 ways to increase Fat Burning on a Ketogenic Diet"

Living in the Ketone zone is much more than just restricting your carbohydrate intake and crossing your fingers. Ketosis, the bodys ability to burn fat as energy, can help you achieve goals from decreased inflammation to fighting cancer but for many its about shedding weight. The process can be tough both mentally and physically. The high rate of failure in implementing a Ketone Lifestyle is because the recipe is not as simple as many people try and make it. Today we are going to focus on key ways to help you keep your sanity and burn fat at the same time . Goals  are certainly achievable, dedication to the process is necessary, but using the following pro tips will speed up your results without halting your performance. 

260218 "Reishi: The Secrets you haven't heard yet"

For as long as I can remember I have said, "it isn't about how you are performing, its about how you are recovering". I have studied this 'chicken or the egg' conundrum in training for years. The debate about what we as coaches should put an emphasis on, expectations in the gym or expectations of the immune system. There is growing evidence from some of the best science minds in the world that your immune system is the key to athletic performance. As the focus shifts, so does the nutrition. And for this, we surprisingly find mushrooms hold treasures that have been yielding gold medal results for millennia.

190218 "Pro Tip: How To Overcome Self Doubt"

I woke up this morning with the 1997 movie, Grosse Point Blank on my mind. If you are old enough to remember it, the scene Im thinking of is right before the High School reunion and John Cusack is stewing in his hotel room. In an anxious panic John picks up the phone and calls his Psychoanalyst and asks for help. His analyst (Alan Arkin) gives him the mantra to recite, "I am home in the ME, I am Rooted in the ME, This is ME Breathing...". Well, this classic centering mantra got me thinking about the concept of SELF DOUBT. This very human feeling is a hinderance that 99% of us have and if we can conquer it, the world will literally open up before us and goals can be met with force! Today lets dive in on understanding and moving past SELF DOUBT.

120218 "3 Reasons why the Olympics are good for Humanity"

Every 2 years we get a glimpse into something uniquely Human, Sport and Competition. The Olympic Games are undoubtedly the greatest sports event on the planet. Athletes and Nations emerge from the secret training centers and obscure competitive environments, thrust into the worlds living rooms. For a brief while we get to engross ourselves with the struggle and triumph of the human experience, coming away with a deeper understanding of ourselves and our neighbors.

050218 "Top 5 High Glycemic Carbs for Post Workout Recovery"

So much is stressed upon the casual exerciser about the importance of Protein intake. Marketing and profit really drive this as well as some very sound science. The missing link and what can potentially get you the muscle gains and fat loss you have been desiring could actually be a little more carbs in your Post workout regimen! And Im about to blow your mind... HIGH GLYCEMIC CARBOHYDRATES at that!! OHH, no he didn't.... Just as so much falls upon protein for making gains, so does the Hormone Insulin and its ability to jive with your cells to take in the good and fight the bad. Sweet ass carbs are your answer. Let me show you.

290118 "Can Chocolate and Beets Boost your Opens Performance?"

What a weird concept.... Foods, when taken together, help your performance and health. As athletes we strive to find the best possible way to increase oxygen to our muscles during training. More oxygen getting to our muscles allows us to work longer under strain. The mechanics are simple, you prime your motor with foods (and certain supplements) that open up blood vessels and allow oxygen rich blood to flush the muscles and tissues beating back Lactic Acid build up and fatigue. The answer my friends is Nitric Oxide and I will make a claim that certain foods will help you find that extra gear in your performance.

220118 "4 Scientifically Proven Foods for Weight Loss"

Lets be honest. Beyond the goal of obtaining the most optimal health we also strive to have our bodies look as good as they feel. There are diet plans that claim to do everything and anything, even going as far as making you a Superhero! Where most people fail and lose hope is wading through all the fluff in search of exactly what is right for them, their activity level and body type. Science has shown we are all have unique nutritional needs but some things tie us humans all together, and that is what I will explore for you today. We are going to push diet plans aside and really look at 4 foods that you need to be eating for weight loss and optimal health.

150118 "Top 3 exercises for developing grip strength"

Grip strength has been linked to life expectancy . The better your strength is, the better quality of an independent life you will lead. Don't believe me? Shake the hands of 10 different people today and you will see that strength through the hands and how healthy the individual looks are pretty well connected. There are many ways to train the grip and in fact many of the natural exercises we practice in Functional Training utilize grabbing, holding and carrying objects. Here are 3 of my favorite exercises to develop the strongest grip possible.

080118 "4 Nutrition Essentials for Red Blood Cell Production"

I don't care how great of an athlete you may be or what your training regimen looks like, if you are not eating for Red Blood Cell production, you are training at a a deficit. Red Blood cells are the oxygen delivery vehicles for your body, bringing oxygenated blood (through the protein Hemoglobin) from the lungs to the tissues of your body. The more red blood cells are being produced and supported through your nutrition, the better athlete you will be, Period. There are key nutritional components that you need to take into account to make sure you are producing and performing your best. 

251217 "New Nutrition Label for 2018... Well..Not so Fast"

Can you believe that it has been 20 years since the inception of the Nutrition Facts Lebel on the back of your processed food products!! Wow how time flies. For 20 years, companies have disclosed almost all of the ingredients and nutritional values in their products as a way to inform us of what we stuff in our faces... READ ON to find out more about the current modifications to the current status quo.. kind of...

181218 "5 ways to develop Persistence and Mental Strength"

The greats never just arrive at the top of their game. No-one is ever just given extraordinary purpose without challenge being dropped right in their way. The overwhelming key to success as an athlete or in life is Persistence. The concept and personal value is not a one dimensional abstract; rather it is a highly refined mental state accomplished through conscious progression and unceasing focus on a goal. The following 5 tips and associated explanations have helped me bring about great change in my own life and bound closer to my own goals.

111217 "4 Key ways to Optimize Collagen Intake and boost your health "

Collagen, so you know, is the most important protein building compound in our bodies, comprising over 30%. For the past couple years I have been using it, studying it, and writing about it. Most of you whom I have spoke to... are already taking some version of it.  Collagen peptides, proteins, and other forms of the product can be used specifically in your life to bring about more benefits faster. Here are 4 tips to optimize your collagen intake to look and feel your best. 

041217 "3 Coffee Alternatives YOU Should be Trying"

Habit is a son of a bitch.. Coffee is certainly a habit and perhaps a slight addiction that many of us have. Its calling each morning, helping us rise from slumber, and the peaceful revival it brings to our body and senses is undeniable. I love the stuff,  not going to lie. I am on the road a lot and will admit to drinking probably much more than I should. For this reason I have done some research and testing on 3 ways we can change up our habit bringing more diversity into our drinking habits.