230217 "Workouts Notes for 17.1"

Workout Notes For 17.1:


This is a low back smoker for sure. So much hinging during the snatches and the midline fatigue during the burpees is going to get a few people four sure. This is what I recommend for a warm up and lead up to workout.



Take 5 minutes and roll out low back and calves. Lat Band mobility is also a great idea. 



30 High Knee Jump Rope

12 Banded Good Mornings 

12 Banded Upright Rows

12 Banded Press


15 Contralateral Glute kicks/ arm reach

15 Iron Cross

15 Scorpion


Dumbbell Prep;

-progress through set up position with chest up and midline engaged.

-exaggerate the triple extension and punch hard overhead, finishing with shoulder near the ear. 

-cycling is key so bring the DB straight back down to shoulder and hinge the hips far back to drop the DB right between the feet. 

-quick hand transition is key


Box Jump;

-burpee should begin about 20" from the box to allow room for jump or step up . Bring feet wide to allow back not to be flexed upon standing. 

- jump hard but stay low when transitioning over the box.

-find a pace and stick to it. There is much more to be won by keeping a steady pace than trying to rush the reps.

-dont lay on the floor, get up quick


Perform a couple sets of a few reps of each. Don't worry about peaking your heart rate to much, I feel it better to remain in an aerobic state for efficiency. YOu will need all the air you can when you are deep in the burpees. 



For Time, 

10 Snatch

15 Burpee Box Jump Overs

20 Snatch 

15 Box Jump Overs

30 Snatch

15 Box Jump Overs

40 Snatch 

15 Box Jumps Overs

50 Snatch

15 Box Jump Overs

--20 Min Cap


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220217 "Understanding the Power Curve"

For the past few months I have been developing an exciting new fitness concept that has made me literally prove every single thing that I put out in terms of programming and direction. I have fallen back on the books Ive read and objective findings over the years. One thing that I have truly found that is a cornerstone of my programming and what you as the athlete should be more aware of is, Training inside the Power Curve. 

Power by definition is Force X Distance (velocity) / Time. How long has it been since you have done this math eh??

In training, you can think about this on a practical level. Lower weights means you can create more force or velocity and heavier weights mean that you will move slower but over time, move more weight further. Power is something that we 'functional athletes' or sport atheltes cherish and train towards because it is useful. Harnessing overall contractile force (muscle strength) or training just to VO2 max leaves you lacking in many of life's challenges. Fight it... but in the end.. its true. 

Training inside the power curve can have many different platforms. You can specifically train it in phases, >Hypertrophy,> Strength, >Speed, >Endurance.. as one way. Each year you follow my programming I follow this linear progression through the months. Other coaches do it different depending on their athletes or their sports demands. Either way, the name of the game is diversity in training. 

I see athletes get real ADD with training sometimes. They see something on Instagram or hear about a certain athelte doing something and BAM they are doing a frickin Squat program in the middle of the season. Not that squat programs are bad but it is simply an example. Just remember that the measure of a great athlete is their ability to do real work. 

Technique is another aspect of training in the Power Curve. I am sure you have seen those atheltes that look very unassuming but can do some incredible things on the barbell or up on the rings. That is technique and you get that by understanding how to train correctly. Skill and strength are drilled at slower speeds and compound speed movements are higher velocity. Power output and technique follow the same trajectory in athelte development. 

Understanding these principles of the Power Curve; training phases and the differentiation of force production, can help you become a more conscious and focused athlete. Power is pretty all encompassing when it comes to CrossFit and many other sports. Lets keep pushing towards making you the most optimal athlete possible. Keep pushing and lets get fired up for the opens!

12X @ each Exercise
Banded Hip Activation
Banded Squats
Banded Pass Thrus
Banded Around the world Trunk Rotations
Banded Good Mornings
Banded Presses

Barbell Warm Up:
7X @ Each
-high Pull
-muscle clean +3 Press
-tempo front squat +3 push Press
-Hang Power Clean+ 3 back Squat
-High hang Pull Under+ 3 Push Press
-Hang Power Clean 

-Spend 8 Minutes Warming up and working up to workout weight. 

15 Minute AMRAP
5 hang Power Clean 115/75
5 Front Squat
5 Push press
5 back Squat

Cash Out:
Handstand Push Up Negatives
Tempo =>:05

:20 @ Each
Jumping jacks
Squat Jacks
Arm Circles
Chest Stretch Arm Throws
Arm Haulers ** Lying in superman hold, take arms from in front of you, back to pockets, swimming motion
Bow/ Bend
Russian Twist
Sit Ups
Burpee Tuck Jumps
Standing Toe Touch L
Standing Toe Touch R
Jump Lunges
Divebomber Push Ups

-take 3-4 minutes to work box jump cycling and movement prep.

Partner WOD:
25 Minute AMRAP
P1- 200m Run/ Row
P2- 8 Burpee Box Jump/ 100m KB Farmer Carry/ Overhead Hold**
**One KB is held at side and the other is held overhead. Switch holds at 50m Mark.
-Once both partners complete required work, they switch.

Cash Out:
50 Knees To Elbow
50 Hip Touches



200217 "4 Ways to Keep yourself BPA Free"

Bisphenol A (BPA) is found in a host of plastic and canned products that you eat and it can destroy your health and performance. Today, it is almost impossible to purchase a food or drink product without it being wrapped in some sort of plastic product. I have 4 simple suggestions on how you can eliminate BPA poisoning from your life. 

BPA acts on the endocrine (hormone) system of the body. Your hormones control everything from your likelihood of getting cancer to how much you will be able to clean and jerk. Simply, all actions are a result of hormones acting on the muscle systems to create kinetic activity, or recovery. If you look on the bottom of your water bottle, food container or soup can you will see the recycling triangle and a number designation inside of it. Certain colored products have certain numbers, but what is important is what these numbers mean. 

If you see the #7 inside the triangle, you are threatening yourself with BPA toxicity. But dont always take the manufacturers word for it. Since most products contain some form of BPA, here are some key ways to keep it from hurting your health. 

1) Buy Glass containers. Instead of purchasing plastic baggies, or plastic containers for storage, you should buy stainless steel, ceramic, or glass containers to store and heat food in. 

2) Non-Stick pans =BPA. If you are out buying housewares, no matter how good the non-stick pan may look, you should go for the cast iron or steel skillets. Since BPA is measured in the body as 'parts per milliion', each time you cook with non-stick pans and a little wears off into your food, that can have a profound effect on your overall health. Remember that disease is cumulative. 

3) Change out your water bottle. Hydro Flasks are super popular right now and it is for good reason. All those shaker bottles that you have in your cupboard contain some level of BPA. Many plastic shakers have big stickers on them "BPA free" but over the long term, you will have colder and healthier water if you switch to metal. 

4) Stay away from canned foods. Most of you eat a predominantly fresh food diet or perhaps some frozen veggies no and again. This concern should be minor but be aware that any time you opt for sauces, veggies and even tuna from the can you are risking exposure to BPA. 

BPA does crazy things to all manner of endocrine organs in your body. BPA is the #1 estrogen stimulator and #3 cancer causing agent in our environment today. While we don't live in a vacuum and are subject to our greater environments, there is not perfect elimination. But as we strive to make 2017 the most amazing healthy year yet, this is another way we can do so. Stay conscious my friends and stay away from plastic!

***This is week 1 Of the CrossFit Games Opens. As we approach the Opens please note that my programming may get more dynamic as the workouts are announced and we begin to cross certain movements off the list. As a general rule, I am going to load the front end of the week with work capacity and specific strength tasks and then back off to either skill drills or partner workouts on Thursdays. Programming for Friday's will be the opens workout and I will send out specific mobility/warm ups for each of those workouts. 

500m Row
10 Medicine Ball Single Leg Up and Overs
10 Jumping Pull Ups
10 Contra Lateral Deadbug
500m Row

Specific Mob For Hamstrings;
-Lateral Cossack Lunge
-Figure 4 Hamstring/Piriformis stretch

Deadlift Warm Up:
6X3 Building to Workout Weight

Bar Muscle Up Prep:
1) Basic Kip Swings (Hollow + arch. Build to as large of a kip as you can. Highest would be arms parallel to the ground.)
2) Low-Bar Dips (set barbells in racks at bottom of sternum height and secure with bands. Perform these from bottom of a Straight-Bar Dip position, shoulders in front of the bar.)
3) Chest-to-Bar/Ribs-to-Bar/Hips-to-Bar Kipping Pull-Ups (At the apex of your swing, in the hollow position, pull your elbows down and back to bring your hips to the bar.)
4) Bar Muscle-Up Attempts (If you were able to perform a few Dips and a few Hips-to-Bar Pull-Ups, then try Bar Muscle-Ups on a high bar. Once your hips are to the bar, pull your shoulders forward and let your feet fall behind you to transition. If it's not happening, then try a few on a low bar with a jump, or go back through the progressions.)

Deadlift 335/235
Muscle Up
***scale Deadlift weight to challenging weight for athlete
*** Scale Bar Muscle Up to chest to bar pulls/ and bar dip negatives.

Cash Out:
:90 of L hang on bar
50 Toes to bar

***Week 2 of Barbell Single Leg Step Up
8 Minute Quality AMRAP
8X Leg Swing on Each Leg
8X Backward Walking Lunges
8X Planked Push Ups (from elbow plank up to full plank is one rep)
20X Double Unders
20X Squat Therapy

Skill Development:
3X 8-12 Reps per leg
Single Leg Barbell Step ups @ 25-29% of backsquat
-ensure hip is lower than knee when stepping on box, bar is held in front rack. Working leg does all the lifting, no bounce from standing leg.

Super Set Each Step up set with;
:30 Side Plank on each side

35 Double Unders
20 Wall Ball Shots

12X @ each Exercise
Banded Hip Activation
Banded Squats
Banded Pass Thrus
Banded Around the world Trunk Rotations
Banded Good Mornings
Banded Presses

Barbell Warm Up:
7X @ Each
-high Pull
-muscle clean +3 Press
-tempo front squat +3 push Press
-Hang Power Clean+ 3 back Squat
-High hang Pull Under+ 3 Push Press
-Hang Power Clean 

-Spend 8 Minutes Warming up and working up to workout weight. 

15 Minute AMRAP
5 hang Power Clean 115/75
5 Front Squat
5 Push press
5 back Squat

Cash Out:
Handstand Push Up Negatives
Tempo =>:05

:20 @ Each
Jumping jacks
Squat Jacks
Arm Circles
Chest Stretch Arm Throws
Arm Haulers ** Lying in superman hold, take arms from in front of you, back to pockets, swimming motion
Bow/ Bend
Russian Twist
Sit Ups
Burpee Tuck Jumps
Standing Toe Touch L
Standing Toe Touch R
Jump Lunges
Divebomber Push Ups

-take 3-4 minutes to work box jump cycling and movement prep.

Partner WOD:
25 Minute AMRAP
P1- 200m Run/ Row
P2- 8 Burpee Box Jump/ 100m KB Farmer Carry/ Overhead Hold**
**One KB is held at side and the other is held overhead. Switch holds at 50m Mark.
-Once both partners complete required work, they switch.

Cash Out:
50 Knees To Elbow
50 Hip Touches


160217 "The Perfect Matcha Green Tea Smoothie"

If you have not got on the Maltcha Green Tea train yet, you are really missing out. Matcha Tea is different and much more potent than normal tea blends. Like other nutrients and foods that I recommend you integrate in your daily nutrition, the problem becomes more about the HOW? Than the WHY? Well, I have a great smoothie recipe that will help. 

Unlike other teas, Matcha Powder is the entire tea leaf ground down to a fine powder. Normally you steep your tea leaves in boiling water but Matcha you actually dissolve and enjoy. 

Matcha Powder has up to 137% more cancer fighting, inflammation busting, weight loss supporting, and mind improving capabilities than normal tea. Catechins are antioxidants that are found in most of our 'superfoods'. They work by protecting and rebuilding you from the cellular level. Matcha Tea is SUPER FRICKIN HIGH in these Catechins. Less oxidation inside the cells means a healthier you. Less Inflammation means less disease and less chance of cancer. 

Being high in fiber and served warm, Tea has the same thermogenic effect on your body that other dense proteins do. When your body processes matcha it has to heat up and that burns more calories. Winner Winner Matcha Dinner... 

So now for the recipe. Smoothie time is like zen time in my house. Everything slows down as the ingredients are situated and added to the Vita Mix. Grabbing the Matcha and adding it in takes little time, adds good greens to the smoothie and cuts the Tea taste that some dont like so much. 

  • 1 1/2 cups water or Almond Milk
  • 4 generous handfuls fresh spinach
  • 2 tablespoons of Matcha Greens
  • 2 navel oranges
  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 1/2 cup blueberries (optional)
  • 1/4 cucumber

Blend it all up in the Vita Mix and serve in chilled glass. If you dont want to add ice then freeze your bananas the night before . 

Enjoy this badass smoothie every day and add a whey protein for a post workout shake. You will be jamming after you drink this!


Lunge Flow; Ankle Roll out, Elbow To instep, T Spine Stretch, Hamstring Pulses, Pigeon Stretch
5X Turkish Get Ups (each Arm)
200X Double Unders
5X Turkish Get Ups (each Arm)

Coach the Pull Up Progression. 
-ring Row
-banded pull Up
-pull Up negatives
-Strict Pull Up
-kip swing

4 Rounds for Total Reps
1 Minute at each station
1 minute rest between ROunds
-Bike for cals
-KB Swing 70/53
-Chest To bar Pull Up
-wall Ball shots

Banded Hip Distraction
Banded Good Mornings
Banded Hip Activation and squats

Snatch Warm Up:
7X Snatch High Pull
7X Muscle Snatch
7X Behind Neck Push Press
7X Snatch Balance
7X Sotts Press
7X High Hang Pull Under
7X Mid Thigh Snatch
7X hang Squat Snatch Below Knee

Skill Development:
Work Snatch Complex for 15 Minutes;
-Snatch take off W/ :05 pause at Knee ***focus here is on midline and back tightness. Bar should stay against body and chest over bar.
-Snatch High Pull
-Power Snatch From Floor
** Bar does not get dropped until all movements are complete. Then weight can be added. 

15.1 Repeat
15 Toes TO bar
10 Deadlift 115/75
5 Snatch 

130217 "A Presidential Appointee you need to look into"

Last week Republican Tom Price of Georgia was appointed by the president and confirmed by congress to be the new leader of Health and Human Services. Although this position did not come under as much scrutiny as other department heads, the HHS is a multi billion dollar agency and is very much linked to our well beings. I call you all to action today, you should watch this guy. 

Tom Price is from Georgia and is a orthopedic surgeon. A very wealthy one at that. Upon initial research into his money situation, I found that he is one of the top 50 richest government representatives in Washington. This does not surprise me given that he made it to the top of Trump's list of people to head these important government agencies. 

If you do not know much about the Health and Human services Administration you damn well should. This is the agency that controls health care funding (i.e. Medicare, Medicaid, Affordable Health Care Act), science funding, and Nutrition Policy. This agency, once again, is not the state department in terms of its fashyness but with the impending change to Affordable health Care Laws, you know it is going to be in the news soon. And Tom Price will be leading the Trump charge. 

The debate that is going to happen around the repeal of Affordable Health Care is a large one and not what I want to get into today. What I want to focus on is our Countries Nutrition Policy and what I see to be conflicts of interest with Price and science. 

Coca-Cola gives money to Tom Price. According to the website, opensecrets.org, his campaign in 2016 brought in thousands of dollars from Coca-Cola and large drug comapanies. Current headlines show that Tom Price works closely with the Coca-Cola company being that they are both from Atalanta Georgia and are very pro business growth. 

Nutrition policy is tragically slow in changing towards relevant science because Lobbyists, Food Companies and Beverage Comapanies are so integrated in Washington Politics. Just look at the current fight with Coca-Cola about changing food labeling! Not only is it challenging to get Coca-Cola and these Food Product manufacturers to produce healthy products, they wont even let the consumer see what is REALLY in their products. 

For this reason, I am nervous about Tom Price. 

Like other conservative shit, Price is riding the wave of defunding Planned parenthood, claims that vaccines cause autism, anti-abortion, and the thought that BIG-PHARMA will change the world with drugs! But man can the guy raise money and speak out! 

The HHS agency is a multi billion dollar federal agency and we as citizens are effected by what happens at a policy level . I suggest that you perk up when you hear Tom Price's name in the coming months. Don't sell anyone short in this administration. Remember who is getting all these guys appointed! If you see something, say something. As in many other things that relate to science and health, we are too far along now to start walking backwards away from progress. Stay vigilant and use your head when making decisions about nutrition and health for you and your kids, our country depends on it. 

**This is Week 1 of 5 of Barbell Front Rack Step Ups. The goal over the next few weeks will be to build single leg strength to 33% of Backsquat weight. 
W/ A Partner, Perform 4 Rounds of the Following;
8 Inchworm W/ Push Up and Hand Clap ** atheltes line up across from one another, walk out to plank, do push up, and clap hands twice, walk back to hamstring stretch
8 Partner Med Ball Sit Up
12 Kneeling Partner Chest Pass W/ Medicine Ball

12 Standing Toe Touch
12 Pineapple Pickers
12 Cossack Lunges
12 Jumping Pull Up

Skill Development:
Barbell Front Rack Step Ups
3X 8-12 reps
@ 15-22% of Back Squat
- the key to these is the stepping leg DOES ALL THE WORK. No Bouncing, no support from trailing leg. Go Light !

-Superset each Step up set with a max effort Chin Up attempt.

5 Deadlift 275/225
10 Burpee
*2008 CF Games Workout. 

High Knee Pull
Quad Pull
High Knees
Marching High Kick
High Skip
Lateral High Knees
Frog Hop
Triple Jump
Change Of Direction

Lat Band Stretch/ Bully Stretch/ Pitchers Stretch

Floor Press
In 7 sets, build to a heavy set of 5. 
Then, 5X5 at that weight.

8 Rounds for total Time,
20 push Ups
10 Sit Ups
200m Run
-rest 1:00 between
-scale push up reps or use a banded push up to keep rounds shorter than 2;45.

4X Tabata Row. **Breathe only through nose during work periods
4X Tabata Slam Ball. ** Take large mouth inhales and exhales only
4X Tabata Row. ** Deep inhales through the nose and out the mouth.
4X Tabata Handstand Hold. **Deep inhales and exhales through the mouth. 

Partner Global Extension stretch. (Partner 1 hangs on Pull up bar, Partner2  places hand in upper back and pushes. Stretch happens through chest and shoulders)

-Coach up the Thruster, Push Press and Bent Over Row. Allow atheltes time to build in weight for workout.

"Tabata Something Spicy"
8X :20 work :10 rest. They must do all 8 rounds of one exercise before moving to next, do not alternate. 
-Push Press 95/65 or 115/75
Rest :90
-Bent Over Row
Rest :90

Cash Out:
-accumulate 2:00 L-sit hold
-100 2 Ct. Flutter Kicks



080217 "How to Prep your lungs for Intense Exercise"

Just like any other muscle group or organ in the body, the lungs need to be mobilized, stretched and primed for intense exercise. As most of us are gearing up for sport seasons the may require our optimal lung capacity, I am here today to offer some strategies for warming the lungs up before bouts of exercise. 

I will preface this post by saying that these suggestions are solely what work for me, what I have seen be successful and by no means are medically advisable for all athletes. If you have breathing problems or are removing from sickness, be smart about your training. 

1) Slow and Steady. If you have 5-20 miles to run, there is a particular way you can open your lungs up and stretch your diaphragm. I see too often that when the workout or training involves lower aerobic intensity, very little attention is paid to warm up breathing. To Begin, I recommend doing what is called "box breathing". This involves sitting in a comfortable position where the back is straight and diagram can extend unobstructed.
-begin by inhaling for 2 seconds. Hold that breath for exactly 2 seconds. Exhale that breath for 2 seconds, and relax (without re-breathing) for 2 seconds. 
-on the next breath, inhale for 3 seconds. Hold for 3 seconds, Exhale for 3 seconds, relax for 3 seconds. 
-continue on this progression for up to 10 seconds. 
The goal is not just mastery of breath pacing and oxygen consumption butt also mental control. Slowing your breathing during longer inhales and exhales, help control anxiety and keep you focused. 
When you get to +5 seconds, you lose the ability to just fill the chest with air and are forced to expand the diaphragm lower and lower, breathing deeper and deeper. This pays off when you are on longer aerobic runs and deeper breaths will help exchange more gasses in the body and keep you from cramping or the dreaded Co2 burn. 

2) Tabata. Tabata timing has been shown to really bring out the best of an athletes performance. The format is; 8X :20 work/:10 rest. I use Tabata timing and monostructural movements like running, rowing, biking to bring about deep and efficient breathing in a quick tempo. 
Begin by doping to light dynamic movement. Full Range of Motion about all the key joints is best. 
-For the first round of work, begin simple at about 60% of total output. I call this, "establishing a baseline. This is easy on a rower or bike as you have a screen right in front of you!
- For Rounds 2,3,4 You pick up the pace, where your movements get faster but your breathing stays controlled. Breathing deep and steady as your heart rises helps control mental stress and awakens your sympathetic Nervous System. 
-Rounds 5,6,7 Are all our sprints, steady breathing but movement is fast and emphasis is on bringing the heart rate to peak levels. If you can, breath solely through your NOSE during the work periods to increase diaphragm depth. 
-Round 8 you will return to baseline, breathing will be more focused on expelling CO2 with heavy EXHALES. Breath through the nose and exhale HARD through the mouth. 

3) The Cinco. Because many of us are CrossFit atheltes, we have multi-joint movements that we need to prep for each training session. Another way I can use this dynamic warm up for my joints as well as my lungs is by setting a clock for 5 minutes. I will choose 3 bodyweight movements that are complementary to the workout that I have programmed for the day. I will cycle through those 3 exercises for 12 reps each, for the 5 minutes. The catch is that every :30 I will stop where I am and do 5 burpees as fast as possible, continuing. 
-Burpees suck. Burpees make you lay on the ground, inhibiting inhalation. This is uncomfortable. This is why I do them. 
-Burpees take a lot of effort to get down and up off the floor, Jumping and clapping over head. This movement forces oxygen consumption.
-The complex movements put your brain to task, making breathing NOT the sole factor. 
Good consistent breathing during exercise takes practice and moving while breathing is a great way to prime the lungs, the brain and test yourself against your performance. 

Priming the Lungs before training will benefit your performance, it is a fact. Diaphragmatic Breathing increases O2 gas exchange and can defer muscle fatigue. Developing a good routine to open the lungs should be something that all atheltes incorporate in their training. Use the examples I have given and feel free to develop your own! Good Luck and keep on breathin


Rotator Cuff Mobility Sequence W/ 2.5# weights or bands

Tabata 5m Burpee Line Touches

 7x romanian deadlift
7 x snatch high pull
 7x muscle snatch
 7x tempo overhead squat @ 23X1
 7x snatch balance
 7x power snatch to OHS (hold PSn receiving position each time, each rep little deeper)
 7x snatch pull under
7x hang (squat) snatch

Spend 10 Mins, WOrking Snatch Complex;
->:02 Snatch Lift Off
-Mid Thigh Snatch
-Snatch From Floor

*****ITS CRISTINS 38th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!******
10 Wall Ball
3 Snatch 135/95



Row 1000m 

Then, 3X

10 Double KB Deadlift + 20m Farmer Carry

10 Single KB Goblet Squat



Lat Band Mobility/ Bully Stretch/ Banded Row


Run over Kipping Progression for 5 Minutes

-Push Pull

-Skip (hip FLexion)

-Bridge (hip Extension)



For Time

42 Pull Up

42 KB Swing 53/35

42 Slam Ball Russian Twist

30 Pull Up

30 KB Swing 

30 Slam Ball Russian Twist

18 Pull Up

18 KB Swing

18 Slam Ball Russian Twist


Cash Out :

50 Hip Touches

1;00 L Sit Hold




Tricep/ Lat/ Hip Distraction Stretching


:20 Jumping Jacks

:20 Burpee

:20 Mountain CLimbers

:20 Lunges

:20 Jump Squat

:20 Cossack Lunges

:20 Iron Cross

:20 Scorpion

:20 Single Leg GLute Bridge L

:20 Single Leg Glute Bridge R

:20 Arm Haulers

:20 Piked HSPU


Clean and Jerk Warm Up

-high Pull

-muscle clean +3 Press

-tempo front squat +3 push Press

-Hang Power Clean+ Front Squat

-High hang Pull Under+ 3 Push Jerk

-Hang Squat Clean + 3 Split Jerk


Have athletes work for 18 minutes to establish a heavy Clean and Jerk Weight. 

-look for correct form, from ground to knee. If no good, have athlete pull from above knee.

-stay over bar longer

-Work Grip Position on jerk if overhead looks weak



@ 60% of established Clean and Jerk, 

Perform 30 Clean and Jerks For TIme

*Score is time and load.

060217 "4 Reasons why you Should be taking MCT oil"

Following up on last weeks blog post about the benefits of Grass Fed Butter in your diet, I felt it prudent to encourage you towards buying some MCT oil as well. MCT oil or "medium Chain Triglycerides" are well known as a low impact, high value fuel for your body and brain. Since we have all moved on from the 'low fat' fallacy, it is time we really look at some ways this healthy fat will benefit your life. 

First off, I gotta give you just a little bit of chemistry so that when your friends ask you "What is this shit, and why should I take it?", you will be able to not only give them some good info about health, but you can really blow their minds with some science!!

Medium Chain refers to how many Carbon atoms connect in the chain of fatty acid. MCT oil, has carbon lengths between 6 and 10. The shorter the carbon chain, the quicker and easier your body can turn it into fuel for the brain and body! Other Fats like Poly-unsaturated, saturated and Mono-unsaturated all have chains that are upwards of 18-22.
-MCT oil is very easy on the body, as the gallbladder does not have to produce enzymes to help in absorption.
-MCT oil is able to pass through the Blood/ Brian Barrier easily so it provides quick fuel for the brain. 
-MCT Oil is synthesized easily in the liver to ketones which provide energy for muscles and organs. 

And if those physiological benefits weren't enough for you how about these others;
-MCT oil, because of the ease of digestion, is burned as energy and rarely stored as fat. This makes it a vital addition to your morning nutrient intake.
-MCT oil cleans out your GUT of harmful bacteria. If you are someone who takes medications, indulges in processed grains or sugars, or otherwise is trying to rebalance your GUT health, you need to be taking a MCT oil. 
-MCT oil helps you lose weight. Burning fat and protein takes a lot of energy, a process I have written about called, thermogenic effect. MCT oil straight up oxidizes bad fat, kicks that shit out and get you looking good!
-MCT oil is all natural and even Vegan for all you kooks out there that don't like meat! Just kidding.. But MCT oil is straight outta the Coconut most times so feel free to indulge in the goodness of what nature provides. 

Moving from carbohydrates to Fats as the fuel source for your body is important. Cutting inflammation and boosting brain power is almost Godly. MCT oil is one way you can move closer to your goal of optimal performance and health. Good luck and Check out wildfoods.com  for some MCT oil. They sell all the bomb products.

6 Min Quality Circuit Warm up
25 Double Unders or 25 High Knee Rope Skips
12 Ring Rows W/ :02 hold at top
12 Reverse PLyo Lunge -Lunge back and jump back up
12 Divebomber Push Ups 

Chest TO bar Progression:
-banded pull
-Jumping C2B
-Australian Pull Up/barbell Pull up
-Kipping C2B

Front Squat :
Spend 6 Minutes working up to workout weight. Practice pullIng from Floor, good squat form. 

Double Under Progression:
-high Singles
-cadence Drill

"Heartbreak Kid"
10 Front Squat 155/105
20 Chest TO Bar
50 Double Unders
*compare to 4/28/16


-High Knees
-High Skip
-Lateral High Knees
-fig 4 Drill
-marching high kicks
-quad Pulls
-Frog Hops
-triple Jumps

Squat Flow: Internal Rotation, Hip Bridge, PNF Stretch, Lunge W/ Ankle Rotation, Squat W/ T spine rotation 

Strength Development:
Back Squat
4X5 @ 70%
*use the previously established numbers
*rest exactly :90 between efforts

4 Rounds of
400m Run
15 Box Jumps
12 Burpee
*rest exactly 1:1 . For every :10 off round time, there is a 10 burpee penalty to be paid at end of workout. 
*The goal here is the interval training piece that I have been talking about. Managing recovery and paying attention to how long it takes the athlete to be ready to go again. 
*This workout will take most people 18-20 minutes. Plan accordingly.


010217 "Boost your Performance with Butter"

The Science is proven. Processed Carbohydrates do more to deplete your athletic performance than add to it. The notion that simple sugars can give you an edge is simply just not what most people need or should fuel on for training. The answer could be.... Butter. 

Grass Fed Butter is literally a Superfood, seriously, by definition it is. Grass Fed butter is very high in Vitamins A, D, E and K2. These vitamins are responsible for hormonal balancing, and cardiovascular health. Magnesium and Zinc are also huge players in the game. By consuming Grass Fed Butter you can balance calcium levels, repair muscles and provide adequate energy during training. 

Grass Fed Butter can provide 20 times more ATP during cellular metabolism than can be gained by eating all sorts of processed grains and sugars!

Here are a couple simple truths about eating Grass Fed Butter for Athletic Performance;

1) Don't go overboard. I put this first on the list because I don't want to give you impression that you should be licking the stuff all day long. If you are trying to lose weight and maintain performance I would recommend cooking with it once a day, perhaps 3 or so hours before a training session. If you want to consume it more than once a day, I would limit your exposure to 2 tablespoons per day. Butter is still a saturated fat. Different than other Omega 3 fats that are unsaturated and poly unsaturated. 

2) Go Organic. Pasteurization is the process of super heating a food product to kill bad bacteria. For most of the shit food products that are out there, like mass produced eggs, and milk from big dairy plants, it is a necessity. But your butter should be like your other fats; (i.e. coconut oil and avocados and nuts), ORGANIC. Avoid the pasteurization process to keep the good stuff inside. 

3) Fat dissolves slower. Don't pound a Bulletproof coffee or whack down a quick chunk and expect to turn into superman. Fueling on Good Fats WILL give you sustained energy without the glucose bump but it takes time to break down. Saturated fats tend to be a bit slower than the unsaturated kinds, BTW. 

So don't be afraid to adorn your dinner table with a mound of the golden deliciousness. The years of Grass Fed butter being a pariah and heart attack maker are grossly overstated. There should be no more canola oils or processed oils in your pantry anymore. There are so many great options that will keep you healthy and give you energy. Good Luck and Go milk a cow!

Spend 2:00 with Samson Lunge and Elbow TO Instep lunge. Static Mobility

Hip Activation Drill; Lateral Steps, banded Squats (optional)

W/ Partner
20m Bear Crawl
15X Banded Jump lunges
 (partner 1 is banded up around waist, partner 2 sits on the ground behind them and holds tension on band as they jump.) 
6X Rounds total between both partners

10X Divebombers
10X Reverse Lunges
10 X Sit Up
10X V ups

W/ Empty Barbell
Shrug High Pull
Muscle Clean + 2 Press
Hang Power Clean + 2 Push Press
Hang Below Knee Power Clean + 2 Push Jerks
Squat Clean + 2 Split Jerks (alt. Legs)

Pistol Squat Progression; Reverse lunge, reverse lunge+ , heel elevated pistol, box assisted pistol squat

Toes To Bar
Hang Power Clean and Jerk 115/75
Pistol Squat (scale to reverse lunge for best result on form)


Lacrosse ball shoulder mob for 3-5 mins. Make sure the chest gets some love as well. …Test and re-test the athletes ROM by having them do wall presses. 

Marching High Kicks
High Knees
Butt Kickers
Side shuffle
Inchworm W/ Push Up
Bear Crawl
Crab Walk
(this should be a couple passes each, totaling 10 minutes)

Review handstand Push Up; Piked HSPU, Box HSPU, Kipping HSPU
Review Ring Dip; Ring Support Top, Ring Support Bottom, Banded Ring Dip
Review DB Floor Press; flat back, placing weights on knees and kicking them to shoulder so as to not blow shoulder out!!

***Have all athletes try each movement for at tleast 10 reps.

Review Rowing form. 

For Time
500m Row
30 handstand Push Ups
500m Row
30 Ring Dips
500m Row
30 DB Floor Press 70/53

Benchmark Day!

3 Minutes Jump Rope Freestyle
2 mins High Knee rope skips
1 Min Double unders

Pull Up Review: Active shoulders, Push/ Pull, Hip Flexion (skip), bridge hips
**have athletes mess around on bars. Get shoulders loose!


3 Rounds for Time
400m Run
21 Kb Swing 53/35
12 Pull Ups

Cash Out:
Double Tabata
Hip Touches

300117 "4 Real Life Snacks to keep you on track"

So we have established that a diet in whole foods is really the ONLY way to go. We know that backing that diet up with some consistent and intense exercise will keep your body running at its best. But what about those in between times. Those times when you are at work, running errands, taking your kids here or there... you know those times when no-one is looking and you are more prone to say "Fuck it, Im hungry" and crush some food that is not so great for you. 

For me, these in between times are more common than not. I normally run on 2 meals a day generally (which I am not suggesting you do), breakfast and dinner. The rest of the day I am pretty much foraging and grabbing what I have prepped for the day. I have come up with 4 real world solutions for those in between meals and snacks that you can keep on hand to keep you on target!

1) Jerky. Today in America we have this beautiful thing called Costco. Living on Kauai it is pretty much the most economical way to feed my family and I love it. One cool aspect of their food selection is the Jerky isle. Seriously, like 8 kinds of Jerky all in econo-sized bags. You can get grass fed beef, gluten free pork, even dried fish Jerky! Jerky of all types is a great way to access protein throughout your day. As athletes, protein is so important for muscle recovery and re-building after training sessions. You can keep bags of your favorite Jerky in the car, at your desk, in your man-purse (if you wear on elf those)... I mean the stuff is super transportable and keeps a while. 

2) Carrots, Celery, Apples. Here is what I have to say about these 3 fruits and vegetables. First off, they are a good source of nutrients and have a natural sweetness that satisfies my brains desire for that. Secondly, they are rigid and crunchy. Once again this is important as the Cruch gives our brain a good deal of satisfaction but MORE IMPORTANTLY, you can dip them in Almond Butter! Oh Yeah this is a double Whammy. A Jar of almond butter is as transportable as Jerky is and can live for a while. Take your veggies, dip 'em and enjoy not only a carbohydrate but also a fat for brain power. 

3) Fruit and Nut Mix. Also an easy find at Costco are big bags of fruit and nuts. Now there is a slight  caveat to this as eating too much fruit and/or nuts is not something I recommend at all. Moderation is the key. Limiting yourself on a big bag of nuts is tough sometimes as they are easy to eat and grab at. I suggest taking a big bag and splitting it into two small tupperware that will allow you to have sizable snacks throughout the day. Measuring the portions out will also teach you portion size. If you don't like the varieties offered at your grocery store, simply make your own from the bulk bins. Cashews, Pecans, walnuts, almonds, tart cherries, cranberries, blueberries, apricots, coconuts all blend well together. Get creative. 

4) Green Tea, Protein Smoothies, Coconut Water. Because all of your nutrition does not come in solid form, you need to be incorporating hydration in your snack plan as well. Moreover, one of the biggest struggles that many are having is trying to stay stoked on how much water you have to consume each day. Hydration, as I have stated before, is key for performing at your best. Protein smoothies obviously give you a bit of extra nutrition but don't forget about the MATCHA GREEN TEA and COCONUT WATER. These drinks taste super good as well as give you important electrolytes and vitamins. Perfect for snacking. Plus hydrating with fun drinks like these will keep you from shoving the bad crap in your face when you want to binge!

Simple and easy is what I recommend for real life solutions to optimal health. Though they may be already in your plan, in which case AWESOME, you may want to tweek your ratios or the types of ways you are consuming your snacks. High fiber, High Protein, Low Sugar. Simple rules to follow. Good Luck this week and look out for more performance info as we get closer to the opens!

500m Row
Walking Lunges
Alternating Single Leg V Ups
Straddle Sit Ups (alternate Left foot ot Right Foot
500m Row

W/ Empty Barbell
:20 Isometric Deadlift hold, Bottom
:20 Bent over Row Hold at chest
:20 Romanian Deadlift
:20 Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Retesting Deadlift 1 RM.
*Keep Reps Low, build fast

If novice, build in sets of 3, until form fails. Back off 20#, Perform 3-5 sets at that weight. 

This should take 12-16 minutes to accomplish. Ensure adequate rest between sets. 

 A) Legless Rope Climbs- 1-3 reps (scale to rope lowers or chin ups)
 B) Ring Push Ups W/ feet on box 12 Reps W/ :02 pause at top and bottom (scale to Barbell Roll Outs)
 C) GHD Hip Extension 15 reps (scale to partner hamstring lowers) 

*benchmark day! "Karen"
Lat band Mobility/ Bully Stretch
:30 Downward Dog/Upward Dog

4X Alternate between;
:20 15' line touch (simple forward run 10', backpedal 10')
:20 Elbow To Instep Lunges
:20 Squat Hold
(For space you can break up athletes into stations)

Squat Flow; internal rotation, hip bridge, PNF, squat W/ T spine

150 Wall Ball Shots for time 20/14#

Cool Down Run:
1 mile (sub 1500m row) or (2 mile bike)

260117 "Timing your Coffee drinking is Critical"

One of the greatest joys in my daily routine is the morning shots of espresso. SOmething about hearing my machine warm up helps me wake up and makes me smile on the inside. Sound familiar? For Millions of us, Coffee is not only a joy but many times... a necessity. I am a big proponent of coffee for numerous reasons but as athletes we need to pay attention to how and when we take it. 

The problem is performance. 

Coffee has nutritional benefits and health benefits but drinking coffe also activates certain enzymes in the body which can stunt or depleate your body of vital nutrients as well. Take for instance Zinc and Calcium. According to the Journal of Internal Medicine, caffeine consumption of 150mg can flush your body of 5mg of calcium. Calcium is also not absorbed well in the intestines due to caffeine effects. Calcium is important for producing strong bones and preventing arthritis. Zinc is also vital for performance and immune health and when caffeine is consumed, enzymes are activated in the stomach which inhibit uptake. 

The precaution I am suggesting is to avoid taking a multi-vitamin or dense mineral supplement in the morning if you are about to get your morning DRANK on!. 

Coffee is a diuretic. You pee a lot when you drink a lot. 

If you are a performance athlete who needs an extra pick up before a workout, awesome. I'm on board with that. Stay away from other pre-workout chemicals. But if you are also a fan of taking in your BCAA's, Protein, or other supps before a workout, I would do some research into how those react with caffeine. B12 for instance is absorbed more after coffee drinking which is important for red blood cells but Vitamin D gets passed right through the digestive tract when caffeine is injested with it. 

Timing out your coffee is important. 

The body is pretty smart. It can turn things on and turn things off pretty quickly. Enzymes and proteins are constantly being activated and produced. Coffee has the best effect on performance when taken at least an hour before your workout. This allows for a quick pre-workout BCAA mix to be taken right before the workout without adverse effects and post workout protein and carbs can be processed in the GUT exactly like they should. 

This is just some info for you to process as we approach our training. Optimal performance is intrinsically tied to our nutrition; and even if you are eating the right stuff, it does not mean that you are absorbing all of it!. You are one big science experiment so test and retest your nutrition against your training. Good luck and keep pushing hard. 



KB Calf Roll out 3 Minutes 


:20 @ each 

Shoulder rolls 

Arm swing 

Up back overs 

Push ups 

Piked Handstand push ups 

Russian twists 

Sit ups 

V ups 

Hip touches 


Double Under Progression 

-Single leg hops 

-single unders 

-high jump singles 

-cadence drills 3,2,1 



“The Fighter” 

3 Minutes at each, 1 min rest between rounds. 


Box Jump Overs 24/20 

Push Press 95/55 

Double Unders 


*compare to 10/24/16 

* This is a workout that Cristin and I made in tribute to IRISH MICKEY WARD the Boxer. Mention that… 




Banded Hamstring 

Banded Iron Cross 

Scorpion Stretch 

Contra lateral Hip/ Arm Reach and hold (on all 4’s, reach limbs away from each other) 


W/ Barbell 


10 Romanian Deadlift 

10 Bent Over Row 

10 Sumo Deadlift 


Skill Development: 


3X5 @ 85% 



14 Minute AMRAP 

25 Med Ball Clean 

15 Sit Up 

10 Pull Up