141015 Listen to your gut!

Listen to your gut!

Adjusting your eating routines to your daily life is essential for fat loss, muscle gain and retention, stress levels and proper insulin sensitivity.

Are you feeling a bit uninspired by your prefromance lately? Well if you are not going to battle with your insides in proper working order then you will for sure be lacking in drive. In fact, a study I read about folks who skip breakfast and are constantly working out on an empty stomach often have diminished insulin sensitivity and high LDL cholesterol.

But how can that be? I thought if I workout really hard and eat vary little I should be getting super thin?

Quite the contrary.. As I have posted in previous blog posts, that kind of thinking is what has contributed to a culture of runners who are

chubby around the waist. You may be super smart but you metabolism and body functions are still very primitive! If you shut down the food supply, your body thinks that it is a period of starvation and stress so it clings to whatever it has to hold on to. To ensure against the likelihood of high cholesterol, stroke, coronary artery disease and a host of other killers... you need to eat more balanced foods!

So what does Pre and Post workout nutrition look like?

I have a few options for you as not everyone has the same schedule.

1) For the 6AM types... if you can dig it, do a protein shake before class and then a healthy (no sugar) breakfast afterwards. What this does is give your metabolic systems something to draw from for optimal preformance and coupled with a good breakfast; this modality will keep your energy up throughout the day and ensure that nutrients will be absorbed throughout the day.

2) For the Mid Day types... get your ass out of bed early and eat your necessary protein, fats and carbohydrates. I have recently made it a habit to ingest 20 g of protein within :30 of being awake. Throw a shot of espresso in that shake and I am a go -getter. Essentially you have the time to eat the optimal pre/post workout nutrition given you have the time. You are a great candidate for preparing your food ahead of time. For men and women the peak brain and organ function occur at this time so lets get the muscles moving as well.

3) The 4pm- on folks... Now you guys have to be preppers! You don't have the luxury of hitting it when you feel fresh and the stresses of your life have gotten to you. Yes, men have a higher testosterone boost in the afternoon but if you have been crushing doughnuts all day and not drinking water... you are F*&Ked! By this part of the day your insulin levels could have gone up and down several times if you haven't been good with eating. Your cortisol levels are heightened due to the prick who has the next cubicle over. See the trend? If you haven't taken care of yourself, then don't demand shit from your body when it's game time.

Prep your food for the day and stick with the program. (I hate the excuses I hear about that. ) Your pre-workout protein shake or light meal is easy to plan for as well as your post workout snack session. And hydrate for gosh sakes. Even if you sit in a climate controlled room all day, still drink a gallon of water per day. Yes, a gallon! When you workout on improper nutrition you dump that cortisol, and myoglobin into the blood stream with very little fluid to dilute it. If it is

really imbalanced you get rhabdomyolysis. Period. That shit sucks. Oh and it can kill you if severe enough!

So, if you can stomach whey protein. We sell the Progenex More Muscle and Recovery varieties to help you stay up on the nutritional intake. Most importantly, eat good, clean food, and drink lots of water. Don't always red-line your body and expect it to preform. Stay focused and listen to your gut!


Tabata your Warm Up!
:20 work :10 Static Hold
-Jumping Jacks
-Plank Hold
-Push Up
-L-Sit Hold
-Bow/ Bend
-PLank Hold
-Iron Cross
-L sit Hold
-Standing Toe Touch
-Plank Hold
-Mountain Climbers
-Lsit Hold
-PLank Hold

Mid Line Work:
3 Rounds For Quality
4 Barbell Turkish Get Ups
:45 Hollow Hold
200m KB Farmer Carry


'Kettlebell Hell' (Birthday Wod)

50 KB Swing 53/35
50 KB Flutter Kicks (KB Held above head while kicking)
50 KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull
50 KB Toe Touches (KB on the ground, alternating light toe touches)
50 KB One Arm Push Press (alternate as needed)
50 KB Toe Touches
50 KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull
50 KB Flutter Kicks
50 KB Swing