151015 "Hidden in your food, lurks Hydrogenated Horror"

Trans Fats are linked to Higher HDL and Lower LDL cholesterol levels but a recent study has also found that they can wreck your memory just as well as they can destroy your kidneys and liver. The American Heart Association reported in 2012 that men 45 and younger who consumed a high amount of trans fats preformed poorly on a simple word memorization test as compared to men who ate very little trans fats.

Brain power is akin to our mental and emotional horsepower. If you are one who snacks on vending machine items, candy or junk food rather than raw nuts and fruit; you could be running the risk of losing out on power within your brain.

Trans Fats are commonly found in crackers, cookies, cakes, pies, frozen pizzas, coffee creamers, cinnamon rolls, and processed

biscuits of the frozen or boxed variety. Looking at this list, it kind of resembles the "no go" list that I constanly advise against when establishing good dietary planning.

The FDA doesn't require food processors to list tans fats in their products if they contain less than .5 grams per serving. So even if you see a value of 0.0 % in the nutrition facts, still keep reading the ingredients and look for the common catch word of "Hydrogenated". This is a tell tale sign that within that tasty treat, lies brain sucking trans fat monsters. Watch Out!!!!

Real foods do not have the additive in them.. just FYI. eat clean, non GMO, Organic, and local.


Lat band Mobility / Bully Stretch Mobility/ Tricep Stretch Mobility

Push Up
Barbell Press

Skill Development:

Work up to a heavy 1 rep press (no more than 25 reps), then 3X5 at 70% of load.


Push Press 115/75
Calorie Row

* continue on this rep scheme until 8 mins is called.