191015 "The Sugary Truth"

If you feel that my blog posts have been skewed towards sugar bashing lately it is for good reason. Sugar , in all forms, is killing Americans. We are consuming it either by choice or blindly in our processed foods. We are addicted and if you are at all concerned about the future of our health care system and the health of our children, you should be as up in arms about it as I am. 

Here are some key points about the truth of where sugar is at in our culture. My goal is to shed light and make you think a little deeper before you stuff shit in your mouth.

1) The American Heart Association has increased the allowable yearly amount of sugar from 40 pounds/per person/ per year... to a new total of 130 pounds/per person/per year! And that is their 'Healthy' level.. YIKES!!

2)The National College of Sports Medicine has just admitted to funding exercise science studies with money from big sugar companies like Coca-Cola. In essesnce, Big Sugar has been determining what our young athletes should put in their bodies, ....i.e. Gatorade.

3) Sugar as a direct cause of obesity has not been linked until recently. Scientists were not looking at the equation of Sugar = Metabolic Syndrome= Obesity. Because Metabolic Syndrome was a vague and unstudied world until the 90's.

4) The FDA still does not see sugar as a toxic substance, according to the article in the journal Nature. The FDA is still concerned with the antiquated calories in=calories out theories .. 

5) Sugar companies provide jobs to millions of americans. Jobs means dollars to politicians. The U.S. places high Tariffs on Foreign Sugar to keep revenues high for American companies. This keeps pockets fat in Washington.

6) High Fructose Corn Syrup claims more lives per year than Marijuana, Cocaine, and Heroin combined. And yet millions of kids every day get lunch money from their parents to buy sugary drinks loaded with HFCS. Truth! 

If you want to protect our country for the future, kick the sugar habit. Today!


400m Run
Leg Swings
Side Lunges
Hip Swivel Kicks
Elbow To Instep
Alternating Knee To Elbow
Sit Up
Scapula Push Up
Glute Bridge With Reach
Ring Rows
Handstand Kick Ups

Skill Development:

Practice for 12 Minutes
2 Legless Rope Climbs
10m Handstand walk
:30 Hollow Hold (Lateral Hold)


500m Row
10 Chest To bar Pull Up
*Goal is to make 2500m (5 rounds)