201015 Athlete Prepping

As an athlete preparing for Competition, it is important to remember that what you have done is going to be what makes you what you will be on game day! Last minute changes or tweeks will only disrupt and stress the body and mind, doing more harm than good. 

Nutrition is something that some athletes fall back on during the last run up to competition. Trying to instantly 'go clean' or start adding in foods that you are not familiar with tends to throw the mind and body out of rhythm. The weeks and months leading up to the week of competition are when we establish habits that we can modify over time to  increase performance. If you are used to not eating breakfast before your first workout, don't change that the day of! If you never eat sweet potatoes, don't be that guy/girl at the competition chomping on a whole sweet potato cause you think it looks like you are super paleo and healthy! Stick with what has worked and if you want to change something wait until after the comp.

Sleep. This is something that you should add more of leading up to your competition. Though sleep is not a cumulative bank where you can build up extra energy to use later on; quality sleep of 7-9 hours for a few days before can make a difference on a cellular level to aid in performance. Another thing is your sleep environment. Using an eye mask or blacking out the room will increase sleep quality. Taking a cold shower before bed will lower your body temperature and make falling asleep easier. And adding Magnesium to your pre-bed regimen can help sleep.

Mobilize whenever possible. Other than practicing the workouts a couple times during the lead up to the comp, you should be working on keeping the body supple by stretching and rolling out. There is nothing to be gained in the week before a comp. You will not get any stronger, though working on form (in Olympic lifts for instance) can lead to more efficient movement. By spending the time doing mobility work or getting a massage, can break up tissue and even cure some ailments that you may have been stuck with leading up in training. Spend the time doing yoga instead of stressing in the gym.

At the end of the day. Have fun. Last time I checked, none of us are going on to the Olympics in 2016. You are competing because you love the sport and you love the community. Being smart about leading up to a comp is important but so is keeping things in perspective. Live your life, enjoy every moment.


:30 Double Unders
10X Squat Therapy
10X Ring Push Ups

Skill Development:

Against a 9 Minute Clock, build to your Heaviest Load of "the Gorilla Complex"
-Hang Clean
*No putting the bar down between movements


In Teams of 2,

Power Clean 95/65
Toes To bar

Box Jump Overs

Shoulder to Overhead
Air Squats

*One Person Working at a time
*Move directly from one workout to the next