021015 "Low Fat? What the F*&K!"

Want to know how to pass sweeping Change throughout the country? Threaten the life of a few lawmakers and maybe even put a few down... No I'm not talking like one of these sociopaths that seem to be lurking about the country at the moment, I'm talking about how law makers at the turn of the Century we literally living Fat on the Hog when all of a sudden they started dropping dead. 

It seems that when you drink Whiskey, Eat Steak and Smoke all day every day without much regard for limits or moderation, it tends to be detrimental to your health.. Well, the geniuses that they are went to their local doctors who instructed these guys (and they were 100% male) that the root of their problem was the high amount of Fat that they were ingesting through their diet and to make a change,they need to Cut the Fat!

As we well know the government doesn't change over night but by the 1980's the low-fat diet had become the diet recommended by every health organization in America (AHA, ADA etc..). The basis or scientific backing was that the country was suffering from hypercholesterolemia. What we know now is that this disease actually only affect 1% of the population. Maybe they should have expanded their test group?

If you cut calories from fat you reduce the total number of calories and overall everyone loses weight right? A calorie is simply a calorie right? NO! They are not. I think the scientists were out to lunch with all the New Wave assholes at the time and forgot about how metabolism really works!

Anyways, fat was taken out of most foods which made them taste like shit. Why? Cause the good flavor, the natural flavor is in the fat. Food companies dumped in more carbohydrates and sugar to compensate and thus began the snowball, the addiction we see today. 

Beyond that is the deficit we now see and the miseducation that people still have about Good Cholesterol. Yeah. The stuff our body, our cells literally cannot live without. Nervous System process, immune systems, cell membranes, all rely on the Large Buoyant LDL's commonly found in saturated fats. 

The small dense LDL which are more caused by dietary carbohydrates are what is driving the high rate of Heart Disease in this country. By taking out GOOD high fat products through fear creates a fat/ carbohydrate mixture that absolutely reeks havoc on your liver. As a brief aside to this point is that the Processed low fat diet is also extremely low in FIBER (refer to previous posts) so the downstream damage to the gut and vital organs is leading to horrible drugs getting prescribed for people with GI problems and liver and kidney damage. 

So if you learn anything, please know that the low-fat ship has sailed. Go LOW SUGAR if anything and HIGH FIBER and good fat and carbohydrate choices. If you can keep the first two as a staple in your diet, then the carbs and fat will be absorbed or mitigated appropriately in the gut as they should be. F*%k the low fat diet, it is killing more people than you know.


3X 1:00 Double Under Practice, :30 Handstand Hold.

Snatch Warm Up with PVC

3 At Each Movement: W/ Barbell
Snatch Deadlift
Hang Snatch High Pull
Muscle Snatch
Overhead Squat
Snatch Balance
Behind Neck Snatch Push Press

Skill Development:

*First Day of our new Cycle .... Snatching.

Find max load at Each movement before goin to the next. This should be no more than 17-20 Mins.
1)Snatch Grip Push Press (backrack) From Rack
2)Overhead Squat From Rack
3)Snatch Balance


For Time
Power Snatch @75/55
*20 Double Unders in between Each Round