211015 Linking Blood Sugar and Dementia

I have explored the political, societal, communal and personal side of the Sugar epidemic in this country. We have established that it is a systemic problem originating from the very top of our Governmental food chain all the way down to the epidemic on the ground in every city. Obesity is just the beginning. Another long-term problem that we can expect to see is the health care crisis that will soon be bigger than cancer. It is the brain disease of Dementia and Alzheimers. 

Commonly linked to the constant blood sugar levels of diabetics, Dementia sufferers have been shut away in care homes or in the care of family because there is little known about the disease and few treatments. As recently as 2013 the New England journal of Medicine has reported that even slightly elevated fasting blood sugar levels significantly increase the likelyhood that individuals will be stricken with this disease. 

This tells us many important things. First, the prevalence of the disease is growing exponentially as the population of 40+ ages. Second, even those who do not fit the classic diabetic profile are displaying symptoms. These are folks like you or I who have been consuming sugar laden foods for so long as a habitual Nutrition routine and are now getting sicker and sicker. Third, Inflammation caused by consuming highly processed foods and refined sugars is the root of the physiological degradation. 

A decade ago, our Grandparents were the aging population studied by doctors who examine trends in disease. These were people who were born around 1900-1920 when food was still food and over-processing and additives were not as big of an issue. The rates of dementia were then much lower and only saw an increase due to modern medicine keeping people alive much longer than had ever been seen. Instead of 65-75 being average for a lifespan, my grandparents lived well into their 80's and 90's. Now today's population is expected to see 90's across the board for gender and race. BUT... Now we have an over consumption of sugar which has brought about the exponential jump in disease rates and at a much  younger age. As I read, people in their 40's are now seeing symptoms. That is scary.

These "people" are just like you and I. They have been brought up on low-fat/ high carb diets since the 1970's and have wrecked their insulin production mechanisms and resistance. From a young age, Inflammation has slowly eroded tissue and destroyed cells. Inflammation has created belly fat that has changed the way we size our clothes in America. Inflammation is making our brains run slower than ever by blocking neuron connectivity and creating a toxic environment inside our bodies. 

And in comes Dementia. When your gut and organs have had enough and begin to toxify the gut/brain pathway, this ruthless disease begins to degrade the brain and slowly turn hot areas into cold inactive places. All because of sugar consumption. 

The good news is that the gut is resilient when Nutrition is changed. When the gut is functioning properly, correct nutrients are sent upstream to the brain creating better connectivity in neurons and stronger activity throughout the brain hemispheres. So ditch the sugar and get the brain firing again!

Blood sugar can be checked by your doctor both at fasting levels and normally. I would encourage you to get them checked the next time you have a physical. It can let you know how your body is running and how resistant it is to insulin. If we are going to get ahead of this horrible disease we need to start today. Every time you eat or drink anything think about how you want to spend the next 20 years.... And dammit stop giving your kids juice for breakfast. Try eggs and water instead. 


Agility Ladder or Cone Drills X 7

20X Hip Extention
20X Lunges
20X Banded Good Mornings
20X Overhead Squats

Skill Development:

10 Unbroken @ 67%
8 Unbroken @ 72%
6 Unbroken @ 78%
4 Unbroken @ 84%
2 Unbroken @ 87-92%

*Preform all reps in under 10 Minutes


Back Squat
* Establish a new Heavy 1 Rm
* 5,3,3,2,2,2,1,1