231015 The New Anti-Aging Formula....Creatine.

Many of you scoff... I know I would have a couple years ago if someone said this to me. Creatine? Anti-aging? Well I say yes. And for good reason. As a performance supplement it is one of the most scientifically tested substance on the market, second only to Caffeine (coffee). What many in the anti-aging field have liked is precisely what the body-building crowd has been testifying for years... This stuff really works! Let's Explore. 

To give you a brief synopsis of what I am talking about we must first look at how cells utilize energy. Inside each cell the mitochondria produces ATP which is essentially the human bodies energy source. When a cell performs work or fights off attacks from things within the body, it releases a phosphate molecule and the entire ATP molecule turns into ADP. This ADP hangs out like a drifter in a bar until another phosphate comes along to hook up and become ATP Again... Sweet right... Chemistry that even my dumb ass can understand. 

Well as we age, the ability of the cell to fight off assaults and produce ATP on demand becomes harder and harder. This condition is seen as muscle wasting or Sarcopenia. This is a hard pill to swallow especially for 40 year old type athletes who are still looking good but slowly begin to loose their Pr's and increase rest time during high intensity CrossFit workouts. But I have good news!!!!! Creatine is exactly the supplement you need to keep the extra phosphates on hand for quicker recovery, more power, and increased muscle tone. Radical. And the beauty is, supplementation has virtually no side effects. 

Creatine is so safe in fact that for many cardiovascular patients including Heart attack, parkinson's patients, huntington's disease patients, and neuro-disorder patients this is what they are given as therapy treatments! Awesome. Sign me up. By increasing cellular energy and muscle mass through appropriate supplementation, you can actually kick aging and stay young forever. (My opinion has not ever been proven)

The other side of aging is of course, inflammation. My favorite. But Creatine has the answer to that as well. In a study that I have read, a group of Runners was given 20g of Creatine and 15g of maltodextrine (Form of glucose) before a race where as the other study group only received the matodextrine only. 24 hours after the race, cellular damage was measured to show that a whopping 43% dammage in Maltodextrin only athletes, and only a 19% damage rate in the Creatine group! That is pretty cool. What is even better is that most scientific studies test the endurance sports which has always said that they have little to no use for supplementation like Creatine with their training. Kinda like how Vegans think they are getting plenty of Protein from lettuce. You wrong son!!! 

Inflammation keeps you out of the game, Creatine keeps you in the game. I have the perfect combo in the XEndurance Product that has the Lactate in the Creatine. Not only is it going to give you the supplementation you are going to need to keep your muscles firing but it comes with the energy delivery system in the Lactate. Check it out. 

Let's keep the Gainz coming. Explore for yourself and hit me up if you have any other questions about Creatine.


200m Run
10 Band pass Thru
10 Band Pull Aparts
10 Banded Rows
1 Wall Walk

Skill Development
Build to Max Load for the day
1)Snatch Grip Push Press
2) 7RM Ohs
3) Below KNee hang Snatch
*Move from one to the next. Should not take more than 17 minutes for all.


3 Rounds For Time
400m Run
8 Snatch 185/115