271015 "Selling Sugar"

So I counted the amount of commercials geared towards selling sugary food products to my kids during an average 30 minute show... I counted 10 commercials which were completely focused on getting my kids to want the product. Whether is is some disgusting chocolate mold or a sugary cereal; the kids were smiling, and stoked to be eating the garbage. So I beg the question, can we chill on marketing sugar to kids? 

Let's look at alcohol. After the 80's when kids were over sold on alcohol, which could be said to have lead to the increased drug and alcohol use of the time, there was a federal advertising ban on marketing to kids. Commercials for Schlitz malt liquor were substituted for "don't drink and drive" commercials. Outside of the studies which have shown childhood drinking going down overall since then, you can see the effect first hand with the mustache hipsters who like to drink apple-tinis instead of Budweiser. I mean, thats my observation anyways... 

But the Alcohol manufacturers still market openly and have gotten smarter about it. Catchy slogans and ridiculous commercial plots are not even employed by the food makers who are going after kids. Probably because most kids below the age of 9 look at cannot distinguish between the commercials and the tv shows themselves. 

The more 'real life' it seems to kids, the more they will seem to justify the consumption. If they see coupons or games on boxes, there is more function to the product. In fact, I find that the worse the product is for the kids, the more attractive the packaging. When you put a box filled with a sugar laden product at a kids eye level or a drink that is shaped in a fun colorful way, the attraction is almost primal for kids. 

SO where is the government on this subject? The official line that the Federal Communication Commission has taken is one of general apathy. An official statement was, "I expect the food industry to police itself" . Wow! When I read things like this, I truly know that the thinking of this country has a long way to go. When I read things like this it is no wonder why cigarette companies were advertising to kids up until a few years ago until the PUBLIC finally stepped in and said that they had enough. 

And that is what this problem is going to come down to... community level action. Certain things are happening on the state level like in New York state with the banning of sugary drinks in schools but there is still a long way to go. In our own communities there should be a general awareness and caution given to kids about the toxicity of sugar with the same tone as we warn against cigarettes or alcohol. Sugar is not a 'fun' 'treat' or 'yummy'. This shit is killing people faster than heroin in this country and it is taken with a grain of salt. 

Selling sugar to kids will not stop in the short term but we do not have to sell anything to kids, we should PROVIDE and GIVE kids healthy foods that are not processed. If we care about them as much as we say, let's give them the best future possible.


Agility Warm Up:
Linear and Lateral Movement, Ankle Mobility, Trunk Rotation drills

Partner WOD:

In teams Of 2, Complete each element for max Reps, Cals, meters
6 Minutes Max Cal Row
5 Min Max Farmer Carry for distance (40m Segments)
4 Min Cleans for Reps 155/115
3 min Knees to Elbow for Reps
2 Min Sand Bag to Shoulder
1 Min Over Partner Burpees