301015 "Clarity in Forgiveness"

I divert from my normal posts about nutrition to offer another side of Healthy living that has as much to do with what you are consuming for health... it is what you can 'let go' for better health. 

Choosing to Forgive is a truly clarifying experience and can lead to a greater quality of life. As I did a quick google search on forgiveness quotes one of the first that I found was a quote by the great Nelson Mandela ( a man that defined his legacy through forgiveness). He said, "Forgiveness liberates the soul, it removes fear. That is why it is such a powerful weapon". Wow. A weapon. A healing, truly we are on to something!!

Now you may be beginning to reflect on a person or perhaps even an experience that you can forgive or are in a position to forgive. This moment or person can reveal itself to you instinging pain or more often resentment for the hurt it has caused. This is probably why you have been carrying it around with you for so long. But... what an irrational thing this is, to carry pain or resentment. Bitterness, Anger, these are things we are not taught how to deal with. We are taught at even a young age to love and care for people and things through process and understanding. But what about forgiveness? When do we learn that?

Forgiveness, I believe, is a character trait forged in experience; refined through conscious living and action. This is the only reason, I see, that people hold onto pain and bitterness for so long. Like stress, it builds inside you unnoticed most times until it spills out in less than graceful actions or words. No bueno.. right??

Now back to Forgiveness being a weapon. I rather like this. For through empathy, altruism, and the commitment to forgive you can essentially rise above the experience or person who wronged you. The weapon is used to make you stronger rather than weaken your adversary. Nice!! In the end that is what we strive to do right, rise up; because there is power in getting closer to knowing yourself. If  you look at it from the perspective of spirituality, forgiveness is a powerful tool (weapon) that can bring you closer to God. 

Healthy living is physical as well as mental. Say what you will about Yoga practices, they get it right with proper thoughts and actions in each class or meditation. Cortisol is the stress hormone that rises with anger; if you have to much constantly dumping into your system the result can be insulin resistance, hypothalamus disorders, and gut issues. All happening under your skin and many times without you feeling it build. If you can Forgive your way to better health overall, I'm in. I'll forgive all kinds of shit!

So lets close today with Forgiveness being your mental workout for the day. Turn to an experience in your life or a person who has wronged you and say, Thanks for That! You will develop a better consciousness, bring yourself closer to God and become healthier. Go and become a weapon of forgiveness! I just like the way that sounds.


3 Rounds
1:00 Jump Rope
10X Walking Lunges with Pass Thru
10X Standing Toe Touch W/ KB

Go Through the long version of the Turkish Get Up on both sides, focusing on Shoulder rotation and stability. Then Scorpion Stretch, Pigeon Stretch.


5 Rounds For Time
12 Deadlifts 155/105
9 Hang Cleans
6 Jerks

Cool Down: 
Couch Stretch
Lat Band Stretch