051015 "Long Bomb"

So you are wondering how you can begin to lower your sugar consumption ?

In previous posts I have pointed out how our modern society is literally blanketed with sugar, even when you intend to avoid consumption. Masked on nutrition labels and accepted as normal, sugar levels have raised to absurd level. So my first recommendation is to begin to read labels. And, for that matter, if you are reading a nutrition label it is probably over processed which is a clear sign that sugar has been added at some point. 

As humans we are made to eat calories and ingest nutrition through food and not beverages. If you are drinking your calories to maintain proper health you are going to miss the essential fiber which is in fruits and vegetables. Juice of all sorts has more sugar than soda because there is no fiber to help digest it and run it through the GI system. Abstaining from Soda is a clear way to decrease our sugar intake. Drinking fructose without fiber, no matter what is says on the label, is going to increase your insulin levels and begin the process of metabolic dysfunction.

The only liquid that does not fall into the sugar/fructose/calorie mix is Milk. Milk has sugar but it is called lactose which is turned into glucose in the liver and not fructose. Glucose is easily utilized by the muscles and organs. BUT, I warn against drinking an extreme amount of milk due to adverse allergic reactions and sugar is still sugar, and eating whole foods should still be paramount. Chocolate milk for instance has a longer shelf life than regular milk because sugar in the form of High Fructose Corn Syrup has been added and.... should be avoided . Yogurt is also another dairy product that hides High Fructose Corn Syrup inside of it and is CONSTANTLY touted as 'all natural' and 'organic' as a marketing tool.

Finally, shop smart. If you don't want to read labels all the time, buy food that does not have labels on them. Farmers Markets in your area and local meat producers have fresh packaged and ready to eat foods that are usually only passed between a couple hands before it reaches your mouth. Shopping the periphery of the grocery store has also been a tried and true way to lower your sugar intake, except for dairy which we covered above. You will spend less money in the long run lowering your sugar intake, this is a fact.

No matter how you do it, lower your intake of sugar and be healthier. The long game is not always the easy path but it is one that will derive more clarity and longevity. 



Leg Swings Each Leg
Elbow To Instep
Squat Therapy
Push Ups
Sit Ups
Mtn Climbers
Standing Toe Touch
Glute Bridge With Reach
Calf Stretch


1 Mile Run
100 Slam Ball
100 See The Lights 25/15
10 Lateral Plate Hops
1 Mile Run