061015 Quick Recovery!!

I believe that a true barometer of where your fitness lies, is not necessarily in your ability to preform a certain exercise or last during a time domain. Rather, I believe that ones ability to recovery time after a heavy bout of exercise can be a better marker for ones true fitness level. 

I constantly attempt to educate and inform you about the importance of the metabolic process not at just the muscular level but at the cellular level. It is clear that muscles contract, extend, break down and build up. This basic physiological process helps us understand how to build and be more efficient. 

On the cellular level you can measure the work production of the mitochondria and nutrient delivery through the blood but after the work is done, the process of metabolic restoration is really cool and must be acknowledged. Beginning as soon as you drop the bar for the last time or preform the last rep of the WOD, your body goes straight back to prepping for the next bout of stress that may come. It's primal and so damn cool. 

Practice and adaptation is how the body builds its ability to recover and refuel itself. I can go a million different directions now but I digress to focus on the importance of the subjective 'feeling' you have as an athlete when you stop hurting, stop breathing heavy, and are otherwise ready to pound again! This can be measured just as your workout time can be; watching the clock and monitoring your cool down process to make quantifiable observations as you emerge from the doldrums of workout fatigue. 

Today I challenge you with a double dose of Good TImes! Pay attention during the 5 minute break in between the workouts and see how that number corresponds to the recovery time after the second WOD as well. As an athlete these are markers we need to pay attention to and we adjust cool downs and post workout nutrition to aid in the speed of recovery. 

Train Conscious my friends and thrive!!


10 Min Partner AMRAP
P1- Row at 1000m Pace (1:50/2:05)
P2- 2X Barbell Complex
5X Deadlift 75/55
Hang Clean
Front Squat
*Switch once P2 has done 2 rounds

SKill Development:
5 Rounds for Quality Movement
2 Legless Rope Climbs
10 Bench Press @ 75-100% of Bodyweight


Thruster 135/95
Pistol Squats

Rest 5 Mins

Power Clean 155/115
Handstand Push Ups