091015 A Journalistic View of Carbohydrates

A Journalisic View of Carbohydrates:

What is a Carbohydrate:

Well a carbohydrate or 'carb' is essentially fuel for working muscles and brain function. Along with providing necessary vitamins and minerals to the overall function of your bodies systems, they also provide the power source necessary for perfroming energy production.

Where are these Carbohydrates located:

In CrossFit gyms and fitness establishments around the world, the catch word for todays diet is 'whole foods'. This is not without substance. The best carbohydrates, (those packed with not only vitamins and minerals but also natural sugars), are found in fruits, vegetables, potatoes, beans, lentils, and WHOLE GRAINS like quinoa, brown rice and oats. Dried Fruits are included in this as well although the sugar content ususally is higher than the fresh varieties so it is reccomended to eat with prudence!

Unfortunately I have to place my warning sign in this section as the wrong carbohydrates are practically everywhere; urging you to consume mass amounts through a neurochemical and hormonal imbalance game. Food manufacturers are pros at removing the bran and germ from a grain and leaving it a lifeless terd of a carbohydrate that your body does not know what to do with so it just goes to sugar stores. This product tells your brain to eat more in order to actually satisfy its nutritional needs but all the modern consumer gets is greater inflammation, fat gains, and poor health.

Whole grains, despite the bad publicity in the Paleo/Zone/CrossFit world can actually give you vital minerals and nutrients like fiber. Outside of whole vegetables, FIBER in Whole Grains contributes to a healthy bowel system, and maintainence of blood sugar levels.

And this takes me to my next journalistic question,

Why do I need Carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are the bodies quick and and efficient 'fuel' as I explained previously. As part of the nutritional pie chart, athletes should be consuming upwards of 40% of calories through carbohydrates. This may vary per person as does caloric intake. The carbohydrate is broken down to simple sugars to be used and stored in the blood and liver and this helps with brain function. Have you been in a meeting all day without eating and then try to have a converstation? Do your thoughts stray? Have you been stuck in the Fog? Well that is your brain telling you that its power source is waining and you need to fuel it. Carbohydrates are necesary for proper metabolic, cardiovascular, neurological, and hromonal function.

Fiber helps you process good stuff in and bad stuff out. Returning back to the Whole Grain, the shell or bran of the grain is full of good fiber which slows digestion, promotes satiety and regulates blood sugar. The Journal of American Medicine claims that people who consume adequate amounts of fiber in their diets are more likely to be thin and at less risk of heart disease.... as long as added sugars are not part of the diet.(Processed Sugar is a killer).

How do I get these Carbohydtates?

1)Go to your local farmers market and buy fruits and vegetables.

2) Keep the skins on whenever possible. This will ensure that the minerals and vitamins are consumed at the same time as the fiber. Choose organic for this reason!

3) Forego adding sugars or sweeteners to the carbohydrates. Fruits are sweet enough and vergetables can be pumped with flavour through spices and proper cooking. (like roasting vs. sauteeing).

Keep the carbohydrate clean and pure and you will notice that when implemented correctly into a training plan, your perfromance with improve!


4 Rounds For Time
30 Double Unders
2 Wall Walks
10 Standing Toe Touch W/ DB

Back Squat
1 Rep at 87% of 1 RM


For Time
60 Double Unders
30 Wall Balls
15 Deadlift 225/155