121115 "Infuriated about sugar"

If you have not been watching what is going on with CrossFit over the past couple years, there has been a coming out party of sorts that your should be paying attention to. The 'coming out' refers to the ACSM and their connection with the American Beverage Association, in particular, Coca-Cola.

A little over a month ago the ACSM finally did come out and acknowledge that they have been producing and promoting 'science' that has been funded and backed by big soda. The covers have been pulled off.

The fight was just beginning for CrossFit. The ACSM has not laid down during this barrage but flexed their well funded muscles against CrossFit, lobbying for new standards on Trainer Licensing and our own style of Nutrition Education. The lawyers and lobbyists are now getting paid and the public still seems to be in the dark.

This fight is a top down fight and it must be acknowledged by the general public in order to make REAL change happen. Because right now the public is fed nothing but outdated science by the CDC about calories, portion size, and sugar consumption. It is our duty to make LIFESTYLE changes and then teach our youth the real truth about processed foods, sugar and healthy living. That... is where we know change is going to happen.. in our own homes.

Currently Coach Greg Glassman is Touring California in an effort to promote the "Crush Big Soda" Initiative that will be going up to the California State Senate as a bill. The hope is to educate and 'infuriate' the CrossFit community and begin the change from within this amazing group of people.



If you have been in this sport as long as I have, you surely know that our 1 hour per day CrossFit session is really only scratching the surface with what is possible to getting each of us to our maximum Health potential. Nutrition is everything, become aware, educate , and make change happen.

Get behind this movement and lets make sure that our kids have a better chance at tackling chronic disease than we do.


6 Mins of Rowing

10 Shoulder Pass Thru
20 Russian Twist with Slam Ball
12 Super Man Rocks

Skill Development:
Muscle Up Progression
* If you are proficient at movement, work strict and false grip at each piece.
1) Supine Ring Row
*Feet up on box
2) Banded Pull Through
*Quick Sit Up and HOld the bottom of ring support for :03
3)Ring Dip Support hold :15

- Flow from one exercise to the next and practice for 12 minutes.


10 Min AMRAP
100 Double Unders
50 KB Swing
7 Muscle Ups
(3 Pull Ups/3 Dips)