161115 "I Go, You Go"

Daily meditation:

Make extraordinary actions and thoughts a habit and be amazed at how your life changes. You are what you habitually do. One of the first actions you can take every day is to focus the mind. When you are clear about your focus and what is important, the important stuff is right there to grasp.

Workout #1 of the Fittest of Kauai Competition


25 Pulls on Erg
2 Ct Mtnb Climbers
Slam Balls
25 Pulls on Erg

Squat Flow: Kang Squat/ Internal Rotation/ Hip Bridge/ Squat with T Spine Rotation/ Squat PNF/ Elbow To Instep/ Squat therapy


"I Go, You Go"

Thruster 115/75
Pull Up

* P1 will do 15 Thruster/15 Pull Up...Tag P2 and they will do their 15/15.... Tag P1 who will do 12's... so on and so forth.