191115 "Crickets anyone?"

Cristin Has been experimenting with interesting substitutes to normal baking flour. About a year ago she came upon Cricket Flour and not only was it surprisingly good to cook with, but it peaked my interest immensely.

Though it is quite Taboo here in the U.S. to eat insects, if you have traveled abroad in any aspect you will have seen bugs on the menu. Seriously.. From snails to crickets, insects and bugs of all sorts provide a generous source of protein to all populations except the U.S. But not for long it seems. With the expansion of the population and the push to find viable sources of protein outside the livestock and poultry realm, bugs are starting to raise some eyebrows. Also, as I will show, the financial benefits of consuming insects as protein cannot be ignored.

Insects that fly, crawl and do all sorts of other creepy things are seemingly overabundant in the world. Just look at your windshield after a drive through the central valley of california. There can be upwards of a good couple pounds of bugs splatted and wasted right in front of you. Crickets are no exception. While there are annual hatchings, the farming of Crickets in other countries has been a booming business for some time.

Crickets produce a very high quality protein that rivals even the best steak or organic chicken breast. If you look at the amino acid profile and calcium content... these little buggas give you just as much as what your mom used to make you for dinner! When its all said and done, the percentage of protein per body mass is highest in insects.

For the environment, Crickets are way better than any carbon offsetting or emissions control law. Just from a quick search I found that Crickets consume only 17% of what normal livestock consume, require only 1% of water that livestock consume, and produce a insignificant amount of green house gasses. The amount of resources needed to produce 5# of beef can yield 60# of crickets!! That is some efficient farming.

Products that tout insects and especially Crickets can be found easily on the internet from specialty retailers but you are starting to see mainstream grocers sell the stuff. Whole Foods, and Sprouts markets now carry this type of flour. So if you are feeling like stepping out of your comfort zone and increasing your positive impact on the environment , or just wanting to get more Protein in your diet; reach for Crickets.. They could just be the wave of the future !


Slam Ball
Suicide Sprint 10m/20m

Skill Development:
Strict HSPU
DB Row (Each Arm)


25 KB Swing 53/35
25 OHS 115/75
75 KB Toe Touches
25 OHS
25 KB Swing