031115 "Purpose Driven"

Circling back on my assignment for your yesterday, it was to write down and bring to life your Principles. Your Values. The ideals by which direct your life and how you experience it. Principles are the subconscious foundation for the next brick in our pathway, Our Purpose. 

This scares the hell out of people . Let's be honest. It is one of those things that can haunt you, that can drive you mad searching for. From a young age we are inundated with movies, books, and stories about protagonists going through life changes or something epic only to find this clarity which culminates in the hero finding their Purpose. So majestic, yet so... not how it happens. Well, let me take that back. Some people find Purpose by accident and they stick with it. Some Christians, Some Chefs, and a host of others who happen upon a direction and realize that it is exactly what they need to be doing. 

For most of us, this comes gradually and without much fan-fare. But really our Purpose lies just beyond the Principles we live by. Remember, they lay the foundation for how we act and what we value. Through living out our principles we discover ourselves deeper and generally affect the people and environment around us in a positive way. And that is really how we discover our Purpose. By analyzing what drives us, we can middle down our Purpose in life. 

I will put myself under the microscope for example. Many years ago I knew that education and empathy are two things that I valued. That turned into me wanting to help others. I became a Firefighter. I worked hard and learned all that I could about how to save lives and Protect others. Then I found Coaching and CrossFit. CrossFit offered me the opportunity to Lead, Educate and affect Positive Change in Peoples lives, Daily! Through CrossFit I found a voice and I used this voice to unite communities, educate, and open minds. Now I clearly know that at 36 years old, My Purpose is to continue to develop my ability to Educate, Lead and affect Positivity in the world. Done. At least for now. Shit can change you know??

So today I want you to look at your list of driving principles and begin to formulate a Purpose or Motivation to do what you do day in and day out. Once again, your Purpose is derived from Principles and not merely your day job. Don't get stuck thinking that you need to find purpose in working at Starbucks or something. Go deeper. I hope you see how things are starting to connect and we can move onto the real WORK in living a better life, Persistence. Perseverance . The test. That my friends is when you get to put yourself in the crucible and see how you are going to fare. More on that tomorrow. 


400m Run
10X Up Back Over/ Press Fling/ Arm Circles/ Pvc Pass Thru/ PVC Trunk Circles/ Push Ups
400m Run
10X High Leg Kicks/Hip Swivel Kicks/ Lunges/ Squat Therapy/Mountain Climbers/ Iron Cross

2X 1:00 Goblet Squat Hold :30 Hollow Hold


Build to 75% Front Squat, Then 6X3 .
In 6-7 Sets, build to 3RM and write that shit down.


4 Rounds For Time
5 Power Clean 225/135
250m Row

*Rx go right into , 8-4-2
Ring Muscle Ups
Burpee Tuck Jumps