251115 "Put it to the test"

This week we have been discussing the importance of Interval Training and CrossFit. We touched first on the energy that is harnessed and burned during an interval workout, then we took a look at our diets and saw how what we 'fuel' our bodies with prior to exercise can have an impact on how we perform. Now we are going to put this information to the test.

Interval Training in our CrossFit classes is as diverse as the workouts you do on a daily basis. But that is really the driving force behind why we do it. CrossFit simulates the spontaneity of life through fitness modalities therefore the interval training is a reflection of that. We are exposed to sub-maximal/long duration. We preform a lot of max effort/short duration and many combinations therein.

Our hearts and minds are tested on a daily basis as our goal is to maintain an intensity above the lactic acid threshold for a set period of time. The time domain varies as well to keep the body from reaching absolute failure (though it sometimes occurs). The rep scheme and rounds are also a variable that help us maintain our maximum output level. For example, a period of work (a round) will sometimes be followed by mandatory rest or there will be an element in the program design that allows you to back off the gas pedal in order to regain your ATP stores (400-800m run). And we repeat 3-10 rounds depending on desired effect.

If you are to look at 'Fight Gone Bad" or perhaps the workout today you will see this interval training written into the workout. But if you look at the structure of a class you can se how we 1) Warm Up (increasing heart rate) 2) mobilize (lower heart rate) 3) Practice skill work (elevate heart rate) 4) Preform a workout at maximum intensity. This progressive interval training is the best to raise VO2 max as well as promote Fat Loss. Improving overall fitness is right in there as well!!! haha

Interval Training Programs like we have in CrossFit are not easy. But they work. Period. If you want easy, lift weights, take supplements and pray. Fitness and the results you want to see are in direct correlation to what you put into them. CrossFit has consistently proven that it works if you stick to it. So get after it. Stay conscious about your goals, fuel your body right and hit each day in the gym hard. You life is depending on it!! There is a community of people world wide who are here to lend a hand or an ear to your struggle.




MOBILITY: Lacrosse ball in chest and Scaps/Lat Band/ Tricep Roll out

8 Mins For Quality

2 Turkish Get Ups
8 KB Swing

Strength Development:

Weighted Pull Up

Weighted Dips

Even: :20 Max Hang Power Clean 155/105

Odd: :20 Max Toes To bar

*Remaining time, rest