261115 "Giving Thanks"

At Church last week a reality was brought to bear. The reality was that even though you may be greatful in your heart it still may not be evident in your deeds. This Holiday I would like to call you to action. The action being that you take your grateful attitudes and thoughts and make them into a physical gesture or expression.

Attitude is just one part of giving thanks. First you must win your mind over so that the attitude has roots upon which to grow. The mind is squirrly at times inundated with emotions and thoughts from our stressful and chaotic world. Centering your mind on the reality of how blessed your life is can help you in establishing a thanksgiving attitude. Clarity is the result of consciousness and consciousness is a discipline of the mind.

Once you have won your mind over you must then direct your gratefulness towards those people and blessings you are thankful for. Directing your love towards people takes a fearlessness for you don't know what the response will be. This is natural, this is human. But if you open your heart with confidence in knowing that you are the strong and beautiful person that you are, then fear has no hold upon you.

Finally its about transmuting your gratefulness into action or physical expression. On this holiday go out and live the grateful lifestyle. Hug a friend or family member, give money to the church for youth programs, invite your neighbor over for a beer, smile at a stranger... whatever you can do to affect positive change and express gratefulness.

I would like to extend my Gratefulness and love to all of you who follow my blog. This Thanksgiving is special for me and my family, new beginnings, new friends, and more clarity about what is really important in life. May you find and express your gratefulness as well.



800m Run
30 Wall Press
30 Push Up
10 Wall Climb
800m Run

Skill Development:

In 5 sets, build to a heavy 3 rep Press for the day.


3 Rounds For Time

25 Deadlift 115/75
20 Box Jump
15 Shoulder To Overhead 115/75