051115 "Persistence"

Digging your heels in you will go forward into the battle of life and stand upon your Principles . Persistence is the consciously driven discipline that will be difficult and at the same time rewarding. Persistence breeds victory in life as well as sport; Persistence is your Purpose shield!

Keeping the mission focused is rule number 1. The human condition is unique in that we are far more than animals who are solely concerned with reproduction, eating, sleeping, and more reproduction. We are constantly presented with choices because of our actions and these are tests for our dedication. Keeping your Purpose (mission) simple and well defined, you will have fewer interruptions as the choices you are presented with will be easily categorized in either a 'beneficial' category or a 'harmful' category. Simplicity rules. K.I.S.S right?

Next on the persistence tip is discipline. With the mission focused and defined you must stand upon your principles with conviction. If you have taken the time to establish your principles and assign them value then by God stick to them as all costs. If you are someone who says one thing and does another, everyone is bound to see through your bullshit at some point so it is better to have conviction and always go down swinging. "If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything". A perfect analogy for checking your discipline.

Finally, be conscious.... constantly. Living with conviction is hard, no doubt, that is what there are so many "floaters" in the world who embody nothing but what is passing as popular thought for the moment. But when you live a conscious life, you live a purpose driven life. Consciousness does not have to be an abstract philosophical thought but rather a real grounding for your every thought or action. Plus, look at those who live with consciousness as a priority. Monks, Priests, Leaders! These are folks we look up to because #1 they stand upon their morals, and #2 they LIVE their morals with every moment, thought and action. That is badass. And these folks affect change in the world around them in a positive way, weird. Coincidence..?? I think not. 

So cast away the herd mentality, turn your eyes forward and drive on... rage...rage.. You have greatness inside you, ready to spread to the world around you. When you put together the Principles as foundation, Purpose as your strength, and Persistence as you battle cry... man the community around you has no where to go but up. Positivity can occur constantly, all you have to do is look inward.


4X each arm Turkish Get Up Long Version  *light
-Support KB and then roll to stomach
-2 Sit Ups
-bridge up and hold
-Kneeling Press
-KB Clean and Press

25 Heavy rope Jumps
5 Burpee Tuck Jump
10 4ct Flutter Kicks

Skill Development:

Bench Press

* after each round, 10 ring dips


Double Unders
DB Push Press 50/30