091115 "Experience the Reward"

Does the thought of big surf motivate you to rise early from bed and jump in the water almost without you thinking about it? Does the idea of jumping off cliffs drive you to not think very hard about the consequence of any real danger? Well there is some deep seeded psychology going on here and some heavy neuro-chemical processes in action that you are completely blind to. The greeks used to refer to it as a 'real experience', one that is almost self-motivating. Almost subconscious.

CrossFitters know a whole lot about this without really giving it much thought. In science terms the experience is called a "autotelic" experience or one that produces reward just by the action of doing it. So even before the endorphins hit you after the workout and even before the adrenaline kicks in before the workout, you may be drawn to the action of CrossFit because the mind has assigned intrinsic value and reward to the action itself. 

The highs are higher than anything that you can experience with drugs or regular emotion. Just like emotion through, the process begins in the brain with the hypothalamus and synapses exchanging and grabbing up seratonin ( feel good hormone) but it happens not only on the level of pleasure seeking or feelings of contentment; rather the Autotelic experience is one that makes you push farther and farther to reach higher goals each time you preform the action or sport in our case. 

Take 'action' sports athletes. Doesn't it always seem like they are breaking new boundaries daily? Many psychologists interested in this subject are not really surprised. I mean, why is the sport of CrossFit progressing at levels never seen before? It is the passion yes. It is the level of athleticism, I am not discounting that. But there is a deeper drive that keeps the top athletes and YOU yourself coming into the gym every day to push the bar higher. 

Just the other day on Instagram I saw a Red Bull athlete pull what is called a "quad Quark". That is 4 off axis 360 degree rotations where the body is literally flipping at the same time it is spinning. The risk is huge and it had never been seen before until the end of last winter, when even then it was thought it could never be done... an 'impossible trick'. Yeah right . Not in todays' environment. 

When you consistently put yourself in the environment and psychological state that allows for this hormone exchange to happen and your reality to shift into hyper drive, you can easily meet the challenge in front of you and then develop the skills necessary to push to the next level. It is growth on an accelerated level! 

So I am pushing you to live your passion because the state of your being right now can be made better, more aligned with what is truly important to you in terms of athletics. You can be more capable to live your passion to the utmost by pushing harder and have an incredible impact on your overall life. Pretty cool, huh? 

No regrets, no hesitation, rage...rage...rage.. You will be surprised at what you become!


100m Med Ball Run
10 Med Ball Squats
10 Med Ball Sit ups
100m Med Ball Run
10 Wall Balls
10 Lateral Ball Jump Overs
100m Med Ball Run
10 Med Ball Cleans
10 Push Ups W/ feet on Med Ball

Mobilize the Lat/ Tricep/ Hips with a band

Skill Development:

Build to a heavy,
1) Clean Pull Under (hip Clean)
2) Clean Pull from the Ground (focus on slow, accelerated pull past the knees)
3) 5RM Push Press

* 18 Mn cap on all three exercises

For Time
21 Thruster 95/65
15 Thruster 115/75
Rest :90
9 Thurster 135/95