161215 "Why diets don't work"


Yesterday I encouraged you to do do some research into the Hypothalamus, a ancestral and important part of our bodies function.

We covered its use and how it acts as a central "thermostat" in the body by regulating temperature and endocrine functions.

Today we will build upon this subject by touching briefly on energy use in the body. When under stress or during periods of physical exertion the body will respond by dumping chemicals in our organs to speed up, maintain focus, and provide energy. This is transferred to the organ systems which produces ATP (energy) for the system to function and calories are burned or recruited to preform function. Whew!! That sounds tiring in itself. Well the body does this seamlessly thousands of times a day and is generally efficient at it. Your body knows you and your needs even better than you think it does.

So.... how does dieting come into this... man??

Nutrition in all forms is what our body processes in order to produce energy, chemicals and action. Dieting or caloric restriction can hinder the bodies process or production and absorbtion. Since most diets work off of caloric restriction or cycling certain nutrients at intervals your body will adjust by going into shut down mode and preparing for troubles.

Stress is a byproduct of dieting as well. Many of you have experienced this in forms of temptation and worry about what foods you want, what foods you should be having, what foods you have eaten and what foods you are going to eat. Stress is bad. Stress is inefficient and the brain does not like this. So what happens, it reacts by going defensive.. It provides just enough energy to maintain status quo and strips other organ systems for the extra when needed. A great example is the 35 year old who notices that they aren't as skinny as they want to be so they go on a caloric restrictive diet and start a hardcore running regiment. One month and 30 packs of sugar laden yogurt later, the 35 year old notices that the weight loss has been minimal and the belly or thigh fat is still there!!! OMG... well this is the brain telling the musculoskeletal system to go f*%k itself and to get energy elsewhere which means that all the calories have been burned from the same place that the 35 year old wanted to make gains in!! What has remained is the fat stores necessary to sustain brain function during the stress time.

What this person needs is a lifestyle change. This person needs to make the shift from "controlled eater" to an "intuitive eater".

Which is where we will go next and I will end my rant on dieting. Controlled eating is the term used for those who diet or for those who have eating disorders. Controlled eating has been linked to binge eating, extreme mental stress, eating disorders, and obesity. Controlled eating puts undue energy into a necessity which should be as effortless as breathing.

"Intuitive eating" is quite the opposite. This term could be used in conjunction with 'mindfulness' and 'consciousness' when referring to what you stuff your face with. Just like the way in which we act in a manner which is conducive to a healthy society, we should make the same connections with food and our body and mind. The process of lifestyle awareness and food choices is one which is inherently pragmatic. The balance of healthy life choices in regards to food AS WELL as actions will reward the individual with a balanced and stress free existence.

If we are to, Do away with eating disorders, Keep our energy levels focued and balanced, Live a high quality life, Keep obesity levels low, Keep our "Set Point" low...then a more intuitive way of eating will be key. And it is simply living presently in your actions instead of reacting to how your body feels afterward. Instead of caloric restriction, institute slower paced eating. Instead of carb cycling, try smaller amounts and be objective about the way they make you feel. Instead of stressing about what to eat and just eat clean. And finally instead of limiting the amount of times you eat in a day, eat when you feel hungry and be objective about true hunger and boredom or depression.

Dieting is a temporary fix for a long term problem. Intuitive eating brings your LIFE into perspective and allows for you to be present as well as set goals for the many years to come. As I have explained it is less about the calories and more about where your head is at. You may think you are tricky but your hypothalamus holds the strings that move your body. Do you think it is time to meet yourself again?


Double Under Warm Up
-Singles for 1 Min
-High Knees For One Minute
-Skipping for 1 Min

Preform Complex Unbroken.
Single Leg Hops
*If you screw up, go back to the last completed set and begin again.

Skill Development:
Gymnasty 12
(For Quality)
-20m Handstand Walk
-10 One Arm Push Ups
-10 Pistol Squats

Partner WOD:
Teams of 2, each athlete does a set, then tags partner in.

(15...switch..15...switch...12 ...switch...12...switch... so on and so forth)

Burpee Box Step Ups W/ DB 45/30
*Partner does 22 Dub's before switching out.

DB Box Step Ups
*Partner does 20 Dub's before switching out.

Box Jumps 24/20
* Partner does 18 Dub's before switching out.