031215 "Gymnasts Rule!!!!"

As a Sports and performance coach for many years now I have noticed that people who enter into CrossFit or sport with a background in Gymnastics have a hellova easier time than those who do not.

The front cortex that develops all the way into our mid 20's is always looking for challenges to help develop. We are impulsive and intensely influential during our formative years and so the bouts of heavy exercise and focus that it takes to be a gymnast can help develop this most important part of our brains.

Exercise has it benefits no doubt. Gymnastics greatly enhances strength, flexibility, balance, power, .... in fact all the ten attributes that make up athletic excellence are developed in Gymnastics. For kids and adults alike when the physical body is functioning at a heightened level; so is the mind. Kids that are engaged in gymnastics show a greater aptitude in reading and mathematics. Adults show a lower incidence of depression and anxiety. Cool huh??

The point today is to appreciate and engage in gymnastics no matter your age or gender. Not only will you become a better human, you may just learn some cool tricks to break out at parties!


10 Up Back Overs
10 Knee Pulls
10 Press Fling
10 Quad Pull W/ Reach

100m Med ball Run
12 Med Ball Squats
12 Med Ball Toe Touch
100m Med Ball Run
12 Wall Ball Toss
12 Med ball lateral hops
100m Med ball Run

Gymnastics Skill Work :

10 Min EMOM Alternating
Odd- 5 Muscle Up/ or 5 Dips
Even- 12 Alternating KB Snatch
Rest 3 Min
10 Min EMOM Alternating
Odd-1 Legless Rope Climb
Even- 15 Wall Ball
Rest 3 Min
10 min EMOM Alternating
Odd- :25 Handstand
Even- 10 Alternating Pistol Squats (PERFECT DESCENT AND ASCENT)

Cash Out:
100 Calories on rower
2:00 Superman Hold