281215 "politics at odds with nutrition science"

It is not a big surprise that Scientists are in the pockets of politicians. It should also not be a surprise that even scientists are motivated by their own agendas and then backed up by certain policies or sides in politics. All you have to do is look back in our Countries Nutrition history and see prime examples of this happening. And even today we can see a new wave of influence by political parties to drive their interest forward.

I have written about the establishment of the Nutrition policy of the 1950's wherein Politicians backed up by a group of supporting scientists drove the American Population to go low fat and high carb in an attempt to lower the overall cholesterol levels and curb heart disease. Though the American Heart Association came out against such policy, the 'science' was driven forward by politics rather than true science! Groups of scientists are funded by groups of politicians and agenda driven individuals as research science is not the most glamorous and well-paying jobs out there.

In 2015 the Republican party has gotten behind the driving change in the nations Nutrition Policy. The organization has come out against "politics" in defining Nutrition Policy, and backed the 'meat is good for you' chants. With fat not being such a culprit in poor health, but rather carbs and inactivity; modern Nutrition science is showing that standards need to be changed nationwide.

What is interesting is that, just as the GOP is backing a de-politicization of nutrition... it must be noted that the Beef and Poultry industries are key lobbying groups for the republican party! As I explained in my Farm Bill blog post a couple months ago, the Republican party has deep roots in those industries... think Iowa and Texas....

The rule is to just do your homework when you are reading and being influenced about Nutrition science. Not everything can be trusted. While the tide may be changing in a better direction for the future of our countries nutrition policy, being vigilant and knowledgable about what is propelling the change has to be heeded.

Politics drives change, sometimes good...many times questionable... Nutrition science is not immune to the hand of politics. Keep your eyes open and do your homework.


Ankle Flossing/ Hip Flossing

Squat Flow....

350m Row
12 KB Standing Toe Touch

Box Squats
(week 1)
3X5 @ 65% of 1rm Squat
3X5 @70%

Consistency Work:
Even : 6 Toes To bar/ 6 Front Squats 155/105
Odd: 8 Burpee/ 8 KB Swing 70/53