091215 "What is MCT???"

MCT oil has quickly become a diet craze, where  some manufacturers of the oil are claiming that you will lose weight "fast" and eat what you want while doing it. Well... Just like Hydroxycut, 5 Hour Energy ,and a whole bunch of other quick fixes, the truth is rather stretched.

MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides. These are made up of fatty acids that are naturally found in our healthy oils, like coconut and palm (refer to earlier posts to learn more), and out grass fed butters, yogurts and milk. Medium Chain Triglycerides are kinda like that warm oatmeal that isn't too hot or too cold. Medium refers to the carbon chain that it is made of, 6 to 12 carbons as opposed to more or less which are fittingly called LCT's and SCT's.. This nice medium is easy on the liver and the GUT and is the quickest form of energy (ATP) that your cells can easily harness.

As I have explained before, finding an energy source for your muscle cells without causing your body to work so hard is the healthiest way to increase performance. If you have heard of the "Bulletproof" coffee method, the originator takes caffeine in coffee and mixes in grass fed butter and MCT oil (purest form) to create a high performance drink that does not spike the insulin levels in the body but provides mass energy for muscles and the brain. Nice!!!

So your interest is peaked now right?

Well before you go out to buy the Costco MCT oil you must know that there is a lot of mis information and not-so-good products out there that are labeled MCT oil. First and foremost is that Coconut oil has long been the foundation for most MCT dietary intake. But.. You would have to consume a whole lot of Coconut oil in order to get the true benefits of the PROPER MCT's. The BULLETPROOF website breaks down, in great detail, the components of real MCT oil.

Secondly is the health claims of rapid weight loss and eating lots of carbs. Both not entirely the truth. It is true that by eating good fats it can help you lose weight by maintaining or returning your metabolic process to a more stable  process. This alone is not a weight loss miracle. It is a health benefit. And by eating carbohydrates, the process of insulin production will remain high creating a fat storage problem rather than a weight loss solution.

MCT's will help increase performance. By integrating these fats into your diet you can help your body run cleaner, longer. Making the switch to burn fats and not carbs is a process that takes time and I highly recommend everyone do it.


200m Row
10 Banded Pass Thru
10 Trunk Circles
10 Wall Press

Clean and Jerk Warm Up

Skill Development:
(If you are an experienced CrossFit athlete, this C&J should be your WOD For the Day.)

Clean and Jerk Complex;
Clean / Push Press/ Push Jerk/ Split Jerk
1@ 45% of C&J, 1@50%, 1@55%, 1 @60%,  1@ 65%, 1@72%

Clean and Jerk
1@ 60%, 65%, 70%, 78%, 80%

Fitness WOD:

Tabata Medicine Ball Cleans
Tabata Push Ups
Tabata Med Ball OH Lunges
Tabata Sit Ups

*Tabata is 8 rounds of :20 work/:10 rest. There is no break between exercises.