300515 "Beverley"

One Lives in the Hope of Becoming a Memory. -Antonio Porchia

I cannot begin to imaging the loss of parent. The life that gave you life, the soul that imprinted upon you and nurtured your being. I can speak of death or passing of a loved one. I know the pain that you alone feel, for it is the loss undoubtedly your own to bear for as long as you keep the memories alive. 

Together we can mend and brighten up that part of the heart that still remains here with us, which hopefully can bring light to an unusually dark time. We are unique in that we have each other to lean on in this situation. For driven into solitude we are left with nothing but despair and without the windows of each others spirit we would live in the dark. 

We are behind you Titus. If you need anything please do not hesitate to ask. That is truly what friends are for.


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For Time

53 Push Ups

53 Jumping Pull Ups

53 KB Swings 35/26

53 OH Plate Lunges 45/25

53 Knees To Elbow

53 Push Press 45/35

53 Front Squats 45/35

53 Burpees

53 Sit Ups

53 Double Unders