010615 "Speed Up"

Hyperinsulinemia is a metabolic derangement that can result from consuming too many carbohydrates. The recent (an not so recent) studies pointing to disease pathways begin with the constant spiking of blood sugar.

The list of diseases caused by hyperinulinemia ranges from colorectal cancer, alzheimers disease, coronary artery disease, and of course obesity. Though frightening, many continue to consume without the knowledge or care to do anything about it. The problems are rarely acute but gradual, affecting the individual over the course of years not moments. 

The bright side of knowing what we know about this disease is that mitigation of risk is accomplished by knowledgeable food choices. Choosing carbohydrates with a low "glycemic index" will help. Low Glycemic index foods function to deliver nutrients to the body without causing high fluctuations in blood sugar. The link above has a guide for you to use.  It is no surprise that more 'whole' foods make the list of low glycemic choices. It is also a shocker for many that those foods which I am advising you to eat, also have a shorter shelf life than their high glycemic counterparts.

Processed foods are integral to the high glycemic problem and a host to metabolic disease because in this country, processed food is usually low quality food pumped with sugar to give it appeal. Please refrain from eating sugar laden foods. Please! 

Disease= "Ain't Nobody Got Time For Dat" . So watch what you are putting into your body because you may not feel it today but your gut is keeping tabs on how you treat it!


3 Rounds

200m Run

20 Samson Lunges

12 Ring Push Up 


Back Squat 

A) 4X4 @ 85%


B) Establish New 3 RM From 4/16


7 Minute AMRAP

40 Bar Facing Burpees

20 Overhead Squats 120/105

10 Muscle Ups