020615 "Prize Fighter"

Maximal Effort is expected every day you step into the Training Room. Period. To accommodate for this, It is my job to set you up for success. A varied and complete programming model ensures that you as an athlete will reach you max potential each training day. 

So what does maximal effort really look like? Well, it is as dynamic as the programming. I am refering to virtuosity always in both the mental and physical realms. Physically you should preform all movements with 100% accuracy and at a pace where you must consciously focus on each rep in order to do so. Mentally, a maximal effort refers to the challenge of FEAR. Fear grips you when you are crushing a backsquat set and you feel your body begin to waiver under the load. Fear is the voice inside your head telling you that it is ok to stop just because it feels uncomfortable. Maximal Effort requires you to push the boundaries of your limits. My job is to provide the environment to do so. 

You don't give a sub-maximal effort to your marriage. You don't raise your kids half-assed! So why should you even think that the training grounds should be any different? This is where we learn the values which we live by OUTSIDE the gym! That character will sustain you and it is infectious in the greater population. 

Do your BEST.. Its all that I ask. In everything you do. Your BEST will make us all BETTER.


400m Jog

20m X

Plyo Steps

High Knees

Butt Kickers

Fig 4 Drills

Skip with Arm Swing


Foot Work Drills

Skill Development:

8X :20 on :20 Off

ODD: Chin Over Bar Hold

Even: Hand Stand Hold

Rest 2 Mins

3X :60 alternating W/ 1 minute Rest

A)3 Legless Rope Climb

B) 15X Deficit Push Ups


For TIme

150 Double Unders

50 Box Jump Overs

35 Knees To Elbow

12 Hang Power Clean 185/125