030615 "Flavor Faker"

I heard a very interesting piece on NPR about the flavor of your food and its nutritional value. Plant and animal science has developed efficiency in all food products and the processed food science has developed all the taste. So today we are really in a battle for what we KNOW is good for us and what our gustation THINKS is good for us.

The scientist reported that there is more DNA associated with your sense of taste than there is for any other in your body. Evolutionarily speaking this makes perfect sense. If you were primal man and you came upon some badass plant or animal and said, "I wanna Eat That!" then you body better develop sense enough to determine whether it would kill you or not. Thank your ancestors for being the guinea pigs...

Additionally your gustation (sense of taste) has a built in gauge for telling your body how good a food is for you. Nutrition used to be intrinsically tied to flavor; think natural plants that were used for food, medicines, and natural supplements by our ancestors and primal peoples. Today our factory farming has left food utterly tasteless. Chicken tastes like cardboard, Vegetables are flavorless, and fruits are picked long before maturity, stunting nutritional advantages. 

Food Scientists have picked up where nature is now falling short... big time. Think of how many types and flavors of Doritos there are??? A ton. The chemical compounds created in a lab and poured onto or stuffed into our processed food is a trick to our senses. Our body is amazing at sensing what is going to be good for us;  When you open a package, letting your nose explore, it will sense that the flavors of the processed food is more appealing than that of its whole food counterpart. 

Additionally the term NATURAL is really a farce. Natural compounds are apparently low cost compounds like pine needles and lawn clippings which have chemical likeness to things like Vanilla and Peaches. The FDA looks at the chemical composition of the Pine Needle 'Vanilla' concoction as having identical compounds to REAL vanilla to Boom! The food companies are allowed to slap and "ALL NATURAL" label on the bag! So buyer beware. What you think you are consuming is probably not what you are consuming. 

Once again, Farmers Markets are a true key to proper Nutrition and better health. Food Grown at farmers markets has a higher likelyhood of having less pesticides, non-GMO, organic, better flavor and more nutrients. Don't let a false sense of flavor and price dictate your food shopping. Health is a buy in program. You have to buy into it through proper choices in order to maintain proper order and function. You get out what you put in, PERIOD.


2 Rounds

250 M row

5 Wall Climbs

250m Row

30 2ct. Mtn Climbers


Strict Press

3X5 @ heaviest for the Day

.(..work up to heavy set of 5 THEN do the 3 sets)

3X10 Front Squats @ Press Load


3X 3:00 AMRAP

400m Run (HAF)

Shoulder to Overhead 155/105

Rest 3 Mins between Rounds

Score is Total STOH.