230615 Oxidative Stress

All Oxygen consuming organisms suffer from a common kind of biological stress called oxidative stress. This process is caused by free radicals. Simply conceptualized is to look at an oxygen molecule and imagine it with one extra electron attached to it. What these nasty buggers do is bounce around in their unstable state and destroy or damage good cells that it comes in contact with. This same oxidation process is what happens when you observe metal rust over time and why your apples turn brown when left out. The same thing is happening inside you right now!!! OMG!

Since the 1970's about, I'm not too sure since I came along late in that decade, the Science community began to rally behind ANTI-oxidants like Vitamin C and Beta-Carotene as a logical fix to counteract all the free floating radicals that are kicking mitochondria ass. By dosing ourselves with powerful nutrients it was thought to also protect our Telomeres, those tails which hang on the end of our cellular DNA. When Telomeres break down, shorten or wear out then our cells age quickly, die and Cancer can move in. So the science went. 

BUT THEN... the Science of the 90's came. Experiments and test groups showed that there was no long term data to support the supplemental anti-oxidant theories. Boom. No lifespan lengthening, no increased cancer reduction... WHAT!! Thats' right. Vitamin C is still pretty much the only supplement that is still given the nod but if you think that you are going to beat cancer with your breakfast cereal, it seems that you are out of luck. 

The cool thing is that the tried and true theory behind physical exercise seems to still be the best way to lengthen your life and kick cancer to the curb. It seems that some oxidate stress is good for you. When you exercise your muscles are damaged (a la biological stress) and because of this stress your body builds immunity and strength to combat it. Just like immuninzations which work by introducing pathogens into the body in small doses for your body to develop solutions to the problems they cause. Exercise seems to do the same thing. Exercise produces enzymes that you cannot supplement through diet which have an incredible effect on sweeping up all the free radicals that are in your body. 

So get your CrossFit on People!!! Antioxidants seem to be irrelevant to aging and some disease. Keeping you cells and DNA powerful for the long haul takes good old fashioned work! When you exercise there is also a good possibility that you have a lower stress level which as we will discuss later is truly the cause of an early grave. But for now, get you WOD on and live to be 120!!!



15 Hip Extentions

20m Handstand Walk or :30 Handstand Hold 

Skill Development:

EMOM 15 Snatch Complex

Power Snatch/ Squat Snatch/ OHS




Deadlift  225/135

Handstand Push Up