250615 Gymnastic Benchmark

Preparing the shoulders for a day of going overhead is vital. I have used many different methods over the years to unlock and activate the shoulder and T-spine area for maximum flexibility and strength. One way that I have adopted to couple 'stability' into the mix is with the use of a Turkish get up. During the warm up it will help develop the focus necessary to engage for a period of time and also help your CNS become acquainted with the stress involved. Follow along with the TGU complex for strong shoulders and a focused mind.

Note that for the HSPU test today you can scale the difficulty to your own ability for a baseline. For instance, if you are just learning the HSPU I would scale all the way back to seated DB press and up to Box HSPU.


5X TGU complex L, 5X TGU Complex R

1) Arm Extension over head/ rolling to stomach for Should girdle stretch,chest stretch

2) 2X SIT up

3) Roll To Hand

4) Bridge Up and Hold :03

5) Swing Leg Through to lunge Position

6) 2X KB Press

7) Come to standing, once there, preform 1 KB CLean and Press

8) Windmill Stretch reaching to foot with free hand.

9) Come down smooth, hitting all the positions, dont rush!!


5 Sets of 1 Power Clean + Split Jerk @ 75%

Rest 1:00 betwen

Gymnastic Skill Test:

1) Max Rep Strict Deficit (4"/2") HSPU

2) Max Rep Kipping Deficit HSPU

3) Max Rep Strict HSPU

Rest 3 Minutes Between Attempts.


3 RFT,

15 Overhead Squats 135/95

30 GHD Sit Up

45 KB SWing 53/35