010715 Sparks Will Fly

Being uncommon. What does this entail? What is common? 

I love asking these introspective questions to see where I fit on the spectrum of ideology and in this case, 'commonness'. Certainly we can assume that being uncommon is far deeper than the clothes that you wear or an outside appearance choice. No it is something bigger. 

And it can be assumed that it is not the way you talk or what language you choose to converse in. The world is much too big of a place to look at it through that way. It has to be something even more grand. 

Being uncommon, seems to be a devotion of sorts. A deep seated devotion to yourself and ideals. Like our own DNA, we are unique even though we may come from the same tribe. Yes! Uncommon is steadfast conviction to ones beliefs and actions. Those that are unique to you and you alone.

Finally, Courage! Courage has to be the window for the world to view into your Uncommonness. Without courage those beliefs and actions will hide in the shadows and cower to a more imposing stream of social consciousness. You will drown without courage. You will sink without courage. 

So be courageous you Warriors! Stand for those things that you hold dear and just watch how the world around you will become more beautiful because you will have found yourself.


5 Minute AMRAP @65-70%

30 Air Squats

5 Wall Walks

10 Slam Ball

Skill Development:

3 Rounds for Quality

:30 Ring Support Hold Top

10 Strict Toes To Bar

:30 Ring Support Bottom.


4 Rounds,

Try to match or beat your previous round.

500m Row

20m Overhead Walking Lunge 165/115

*Rest 3 Minutes Between Rounds