300615 Simplicity

Human movement is dynamic, exciting, and many times very graceful. Physics and strength set those parameters. When we are training for the General Purpose athlete who can survive anything thrown at him/her.. mastering basic movement patterns and developing musculature necessary to support movement is paramount. 

Think like a scientist and for Gosh sakes get out of the gym and USE these strengths that you have worked so hard to develop! Be the ballerina you always wanted to be! Be the hero that you always looked up to... it is all possible with a strong base of fitness.


6 Minute AMRAP for quality not speed

5 Thurster 45/35

5 Pull Up Strict

5 Burpee Bar Touch

Strength and Efficiency:


3 Back Squats @70% of your 3 RM.

*yes this will hurt


100m Sprint +10 C2B Pull Up. Rest :45.

200m Sprint+ 10 C2B Pull Up. Rest 2:00

300m Sprint+ 10 C2B Pull Up. Rest 3:00

Repeat for a total of 3 Rounds.