140715 Midline Awareness

Just because many of you have 6 packs, doesn't mean that your mid line is that strong. Sorry but its true. Strength about the trunk is truly the ability to which it can resist rotational torque. Abs and midline are not always about trunk flexion (i.e. flexing the six pack at the beach); No.. It is about how well you can generate force laterally, extend forcefully, and maintain stability under load. 

Check it, next time you see one badass dude or chick throw on a weight belt and overhead squat 135/95 (barring no previous injury) and you will know what midline stability is all about. 

Well today we are going to practice drills that will help out with midline stability for sure. Gymnasts do it best so... here ya go.


800m Run

Agility warm Up- high knees, butt kickers, carioca, figure 4 drill, high skip, sprint w/ 180 turn, james bond drill


1 Minute of each,

Side plank ( both sides)

One arm/ one leg plank hold


Hollow Hold

Skill development:

Banded Front Levers

*8-10 Lowers from an inverted position. Focus on control and do not rush this. Band should be strung across rings, begin in inverted position band on the back. Then lower.

Ring Dip Negatives

*12 Negatives +:05 W/ :03 Ring support at bottom

Strict C2B Pull Up

*30 Done while holding the best hollow position possible.


4 Rounds 

10X 1 Arm Push Up (scale 1 narrow/1 wide Stance)

10X Alternating Pistols

10X Toes to Bar