160715 Pluto

I would like to take a moment and congratulate NASA on its successful mission to photograph Pluto. Talk about perseverance. This mission took 7 years to complete and frought with the perils of sending a space probe farther than any has gone before. Geologists, scientists, and physicists are all putting their brains together to help us all be more knowledgable about our own solar system. 

Scientists give us a new perspective on our world. Their desire to constantly challenge what we know is truly a trait that I admire. Think about it. You spend 5-10 years of your life under the assumption that the world works in a certain way and then BAM! One selection of photographs can change everything. All your work, garbage. But you press forward and resiliently find new ways to accomplish the task of bettering human intelligence. Fuck thats awesome! Give it up for NASA. Im so damn proud. 


Hip Mobility Drill : Hip Complex Stretch.

Banded Lat, Shoulder, Pitchers, Bully

Agility Warm Up: Cocky Walk, Plyo Steps, High knees, Butt Kickers, High Skip, Carioca. Sprint Starts

Aerobic Conditioning:


500m Row

200m Sprint

Rest 5 Minutes Between Rounds

*Go Friggin hard on each set.



Wall Ball 

KB Snatch 70/53 

* Alternate arms as needed