200715 "Diane"

I am now stoked to welcome CrossFit Poipu to the programming family. It is time that the dedicated folks enter into our family and start the journey towards optimal health and fitness! The ohana is growing bigger with teens, cowgirls, scuba divers, surfers.. you name it they do it over here! And now they will see true benefits as they apply CrossFit to their sport or profession. 

CrossFit Programming takes many forms today. It varies as widely as the gym owners who dedicate so much time to it. What helps us stand apart is the balanced approach that I take in hitting everything constantly. I believe in a good base of gymnastics will help you lift more weight. I believe in drilling the running form ( as redundant as it may seem) because doing it right will make you hate it less... I promise. And of course, spending time under the bar has shown to be the best way to prove that true strength comes from will and not what your body may look like. 

Get fired up CrossFit folks!. The Reebok CrossFit Games start this week so your desire to get up and get at it will be at an all time high. Remember that this community is worldwide, you are part of something truly great! So the next time you catch the eye of that other person in Nano's or a competitors shirt give them a high five and spread the Aloha!


400m Run


10 Hip Extentions

12 Elbow To Instep

3 Wall Walk w/ push up

400m Row

Skill Development:

HSPU Progression; Practice all pieces to acclimate and decide what will work best. Remember to scale the difficulty but NEVER scale the Range Of Motion!

-Seated (on the floor) DB Shoulder Press

-Straddle HSPU

-Box HSPU (be sure elbows come back and head reaches forward on descent)

-Banded HSPU (harness set up)

-Wall facing HSPU

-Kipping HSPU

- Strict HSPU

-Freestanding HSPU

Followed By 

Sumo Deadlift

5X3 @ 100# below your 1rm Deadlift




Deadlift 225/135

Handstand Push Up