210715 Get down, Drive Up

Did you know that according to the American Journal of Sports medicine that women are twice as likely to suffer ACL damage and tears than men? A recent study found that all things being equal, sex had a definite effect on ones limits on knee stress. 

Like a good bunch of sports scientists they of course leave no recommendation for prescription. Typical!! 

But have no fear, I do! Strength, ability and limitations of the ACL and knee in general can be improved through Mobility, Form in movement, and Strength. 

Mobility: Daily stretching which I put in each warm up and cool down can do a whole bunch to improve Range of Motion. Mobility work that takes the joint and muscles to their limits under a stable loading is most beneficial. 

Form In Movement: This one is two fold. First, consciousness. You must espouse the drills that we do and make the corrections that are given by the coaches. An aware athlete is a champion. Mastering movement breeds efficiency and efficiency is gold in the dynamic nature of CrossFit. Secondly, you need to USE your movement. Yes, CrossFitters work primarily in a linear plane and do not do enough lateral agility or explosive movement. Easy fix... Get outside and run around. Jump off something, go tot he beach or river and jump in that shit. See something cool??? Grab it, pick it up and throw that thing!!! By using movement we let out natural proprioceptive ability come out!

Strength: This brings me to today. Squat, Squat Squat. Do you want healthy knees? Then produce the muscles necessary to support them! Easy. You don't need some shit head sports scientist (sorry Autumn) telling you to do 3/4 depth jumps and single leg half squats to realize this. Pay attention to the coaching and yourself and constantly test your limits. Threshold training?? Remember that?

So keep these facts in mind and you can ensure that Knee and joint health remains strong well into your athletic career! 


Banded Hip Complex/ Lat Band Stretch/ Bully Stretch

8 Min Quality AMRAP

200m Run

10 Barbell Strict Press

15 Push Up

20m Duck Walk ( heels Down)


Back Squat

5X7 @ 70-80% ( by feel)



3 Strict Press 135/95

7 Back Squat 135/95

5 Ring Dips ( scale to Ring Push Up/ Box Dip)