230715 "Tigers Blood"

Simplicity in the Couplet. It is the foundation of what makes CrossFit so damn effective and what makes it so sucky. This workout today is very deceiving because of the simplicty. Intensity should be paramount regardless of the weight you choose to use. 

On another note, Who is getting fired up on the CrossFit Games!!!!! Damn these athletes are amazing and inspiring. I can only imagine how focused they are being that they have not stopped to rest since February!!! Damn that is badass. For pretty much all of them I would say you are seeing them at the peak of their athleticism. Barring any nagging injuries from overuse, they are machines right now and watching their faces during the workouts you can really tell. 

I would like to give a big shout out to all the Masters athletes who are looking stronger than ever. If there is any skeptics still out there about longevity and CrossFit, sit them down and let them take a peak at these folks! No doubt, they are truly inspirations and role models.


Kettlebell TGU Warm Up: Perform 5 reps per side

-lateral roll to stomach/ weight supported overhead

-2 sit ups

-Bridge up and hold

-kneeling Press

-KB Clean and Jerk


-return to floor

Strength Progression:

Strict Press

3X5 +2.5 # from las time


"Tigers Blood"

3 Rounds for Time

10 Clean and Jerk 155/105

400m Run