240715 Up and back again

Congratulations to all the Masters athletes that impressed and proved this past week. Once this category was not so competitive and now it is more fun to watch than any other. 

Once again, skeptics of the sport... Just have a look a these folks!! I want to look like that when I am 50 years old.. Shootz!

So today we have a grinder that is meant to just put your head down and work. Remember 14.5? Thrusters and Burpees.. well here is another workout that will make you doubt your reason to live... but it also helps you develop that mental silence necessary to just keep going when everything seems to be spinning around you. 

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1000m Row, build on :20 hard/ :10 easy.

Banded Hip Complex

Lat band Stretch/ Bully Stretch

15X Iron Cross

15X Scorpion

15X Cobra Push Up

Skill Development:

"Midline Mania"

1 Minute at each Hold/ 1 Minute Rest


Side Plank "L"

Side Plank "R"

L-Sit on the floor


Ring Support Top

Ring Support Bottom



KB Swing 70/53