290715 Da Gut Shot

Modern science has gone from general physician to specialized practice. If you get hurt, you see a specialist right. Sports, orthopedic, cardiovascular... you name the ailment, you've probably seen that specialist. 

The problem with the speciality in medicine seems to be that knowledge of the entire system seems to be lacking when it comes to discovering new ways to attack problems of the body and mind.

Recently there has been some great studies that point to something that the paleo community has proposed for some time. The GUT and your health! Neuroscience has been one of the communities that has historically not looked past our gray matter when searching for solutions to disease. A few scientists and physicians have now implemented new therapies starting with diet and supplementation to cure things like ADHD and Multiple Sclerosis. 

Neuro-type diseases can be as simple as constant migranes, or as serious as Dymentia. The new science is showing that chronic inflammation has a lot to do with propagating these diseases. As many in the whole foods community have proposed for some time; cleaning up the Gut with proper nutrition and microbes can dramatically reduce inflammation. Reducing inflammation makes all systems work better, even the Neurological systems!.

If you or your family members suffer from neurological disease, start looking outside the box and into the Gut for reversing health problems. What do you have to lose, simple probiotics are a hellova lot cheaper than some medications, right??


T- Spine Flow:

Blackburn/S-waves/ Cobra Push Up/ Dive Bomber

Hip Complex:

Ankle Roll Out/ Hamstring Pulses/ Elbow to instep W/ reach/ Pigeon

Snatch Warm Up and Crossover Symmetry if you have the bands.


Back Squat

4X8 @70%8Rest 3 mins between sets

1X3 @ 87%



Squat Snatch 95/65

Chest To bar Pull Ups

*Easy scale to DB Snatch or just good old Overhead Squat!