300715 "Partner Fun Day"

Communication is crucial in a Team setting. The ability to openly discuss, instruct, and take instructions is what builds a cohesive team dynamic. All superior Firefighting, Law Enforcement and war fighting entities spend a lot of time just working on drills and strategy for better communication.

In CrossFit we all know that pain is much better when suffering with someone else. Right? Of course. Today we are going to strengthen our communication and team dynamic with a fun chipper that requires nothing less than ultimate trust and openness. Knowing your partners strengths and weaknesses is one aspect of success in partner workouts but it is also having the humbleness to know when to rely on your partner to help you when you are feeling like you will fail! 

Reaching out a hand for help is hard for us strong willed CrossFitters. Its tough to admit that you have reached your max. But it is necessary for success. On the flip side, being there in a trusting role to pick up the slack and always help your partner when they need it is truly what makes a valuable team member. 

Never feeling afraid to ask for help and always being there to help a friend is truly the strength we wish to develop in CrossFit. Learn it, Live it!


Neck Rolls/ Shoulder Rolls/ Arm Circles/ Arm Swings

50m Jog

Trunk Circles/ Bow and bend/ Trunk Twist/ Half Moon Stretch

50m Jog

Hip Swivel Kicks/ Mountain Climbers/ Lunges/ Squat therapy

50m Run

Double Under Practice for 3 Mins. 

Partner WOD:

Complete the following with a partner for time:

Run 1000m Together

Complete 150 Wall ball Shots- Partner holds bar in Front Rack Position 135/95

Complete 200 Double Unders- Partner Hold handstand

Complete 60 over Partner Burpees

*Partners may switch at any time but double unders and wall ball shots may not begin until partner is in respective position.

Midline Work:

1 Minute Hollow Hold

1 Minute Superman Hold

1 Min Side Plank (ea side)