310715 Keep Reaching for a Powerful Mind

So I am stuck in the airport people watching and it shocks me that so many folks who are traveling get so pissed off about things that they have so little control over. Though the Airlines try to make flying a personal and relaxing experience, the truth is; the whole business is so massive that a ripple in the air somewhere over Jamaica can influence flight times in Iowa. Face it, shit is global and you can't do anything about it. 

But before I extend into a diatribe about the interconnectedness of our global society and its impact on transportation, let me get to the point. Keeping a cool head about you....

In CrossFit we throw chaos at you time and time again. To begin, you don't know what you are going to be served each day you step into the box. Next, we challenge your body and mind with movements that may not be your favorite. And finally we ask that you move (or get work done) at a high intensity. All these aspects of training are stressors on the body and mind. Beneficial as they all are, they have the ancillary effect of conditioning your mind to adapt and overcome any challenge that may lie before you. 

Emergencies or mishaps are the best. Next time you are out in public and you see a calamity happen in front of you or someone gets hurt, just watch peoples reactions. Most will go completely bananas! Literally lose their shit and scramble for someone to help. A conditioned person will relax, identify, isolate and act accordingly. These are the type of people you want to be around when the shit hits the fan... a steady hand right!!!

So two things for today 1) Don't freak out in Airports, it won't do you any good. 2) Condition your mind to be adaptable, so that you can properly handle anything that comes at you in life!

Good Luck!



Zig Zag Cone Agility 6-8 cones

*athlete will run out and around cones from one end of gym to the other.

6X Barbell Bent Over Row

6X Hag Power Clean

6X Press

6X Front Squat

Skill Development:

Every Minute on the min/ as long as possible

1 Push Press -add 5# each minute

Once you have reached your Max for Push Press, begin doing EMOM

1 Jerk- add 10# each minute until you cannot complete any more.

* this is a fun drill  to keep the power output high and test your true max. I have had great success with this for some time. Begin at 55%'ish of your Push Press max. This should not take longer than 18 minutes.



30 Cals Row/ or Air Assault

20 Shoulder to Overhead 115/75