120815 Get Cozy with your Vitamin D

For some time Cristin and I have lectured and spoken on the subject of Vitamin D importance and supplementation. Again, as I increase running volume and hear about shin splints, I find it prudent to revisit the theme.

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that is common in a few foods, synthesis within your own body through exposure to sunlight, and of course; supplementation. The Vitamin is processed in both the liver and kidneys and from there it goes to your gut to help in Calcium uptake. 

This powerhouse of a Vitamin has many important roles in the body, besides bone development and strength. Vitamin D has other roles in the body, including cell growth, neuromuscular and immune function (I.E. the Gut + Brain connection I spoke of last week!!), and reduction of inflammation (also a Gut + Brian connection). Many genes encoding proteins that regulate cell growth, differentiation, and apoptosis are compartmentalized in part by vitamin D.

ince food sources are limited and our uptake is relatively high to get a proper days worth it is important that whole foods like swordfish, free range eggs (yolks), salmon, tuna and sardines. Now I know that these items are not on your everyday menu so supplementation becomes very important. Pure Pharma D3 is the best but other Vitamin D supplements are out there on the market. Remember that your IU for the day is 600IU's so look at the label of your sups to make sure its not just all filler.

Sun exposure is important and FREE! Vitamin D is synthesized through the the skin and liver and can do a lot for system wide health. Depending on your skin type and sun tolerance, 5-30mins twice a week should give most people enough Vitamin D without exposing you to too much UV radiation. The skin is a bodily system as well and scorching it over and over for the sake of Vitamin D intake is kinda dumb. 

So back to your legs. Stress fractures can keep you from doing what you love to do. Getting cozy with your Vitamin D is one way to hedge the pain behind overuse due to running. Search out a good Fish Oil supplement or integrate fatty fish into your diet to combine with your Vitamin D. This easy adjustment can yield proper brain and body function free of bone pain. Unfortunately it won't make running suck any less though!!


100 Singles

12 Slam Ball

12 Ring Row

12 Sandbag to SHoulder

75 Double Unders

10 Slam Ball

10 Jumping Chest TO bar Pull Up

10 Sand bag cleans

20 Triple Unders

8 Slam Ball

8 Strict Pull Up

8 Sand Bag Thruster

Skill Development:

Rope Climb Clinic

-rope lowers/L-hangs/ Rope Pull Ups/ Wrap methods/ Legless

3 Rounds For Quality

1-3 Rope climbs

10-15 Strict Toes To Bar

8-10 Strict HSPU


7 Rounds / :90 work :30 Rest

*at the top of each round you will begin with 

5 Power Clean @ 70%

9 Chest To bar Pull Up

-The remaining time will be max double unders.

* Score will be max Double Unders.