170815 A case for socialized medicine

Traveling to Canada I tend to find a couple things:

1) In general, people are leaner and more fit. I don't want to make this a gross generalization but I have seen both the urban and rural environment, a few types of demographics as well as living conditions. So, through my own eyes I can say that this is what I have seen. 

2) The well-being of the population is at a WHOLE different level than that of most Americans I have ever met. Canadians are just a good natured, less stressed bunch overall.. I can always tell a canadian by the polite disposition and general 'happiness' that they exude. 

And I constantly ask them why.. especially at Tough Mudder events where I speak to literally thousands of them per weekend. And one answer comes back to me more than others, the comfort of knowing that your health is secure through their socialized or 'government regulated' (better term) form of medicine. As many of you may know, I have liked the idea of this type of medical system forever so here is my case for it...

1) Today more than 50 million Americans get up every day and put in work for the communities and families of the USA. These hard working folks or perhaps 'underemployed folks' also do not have health care. That is roughly the population of California mind you... By putting in place a Universal Healthcare system you would close the gap for these families. Now, I know what you are thinking about taxes, the American way, and abuse of the system, but how much does treating uninsured emergencies cost tax payers VS. the cost of preventative medicine and taking away the fear of getting sick because of the financial hardship it would entail. I know all about this one as a father and consistently uninsured individual! If you look a the Canadian system, the rate of abuse is negligible and the overall lifespan of an average Canadian is over 5% higher than an average American. 

2)Cost is always something that comes up with health care. It is directly correlated with implementation. Money VS. Health, this tends to be a trend if you look at Americans who disagree with Universal health care but are quick to jump the Drive through lane at Taco Bell because it's CHEAP VS. making a healthy meal at home. Right.... I can totally see what they value... Granted there would be a higher Tax placed on your wages if it was controlled by the federal government but what if the states managed health care for its citizens? Targeting the needs of the populace and keeping the money out of the Federal Governments hands would be a better option. Hospital stays, procedures, even check ups would not cost you a months wages in the long run. And how good is piece of mind to you when it comes to having your health taken care of? 

3) Technology and Investment are also a major argument for people who oppose universal health care. I love this one. Has the tech boom stopped industrious and intelligent young people from creating amazing apps, hardware, software, instruments in their own homes and giving them to the world for free?? No. They create because that is their passion and life choice. The same holds true in Medicine. Colleges, and Companies will still churn out amazing technology because that is what we do as Americans. We do EPIC shit... all the time. Are we going to just stop trying to cure cancer? I don't think so. Having trouble raising money for your cause. Well go and talk tot he board at the Susan G Komen foundation.... They are a large NON-GOVERNMENTAL organization who has single handedly raised enough money for research and development to literally cut the death rate of breast cancer in half. And that is being prudent with my evaluation!

4) Good Health Care is already going on here in Canada. Maybe take some young, motivated people up above the border to learn the system and figure out the problem of implementing it. Shoot, It took President Obama only 4 years to do it. And that was just one guy and a team. 

I think that as a person (healthy and fit) who has always worried about health care for my wife and kids, the system I have been advocating for would ease my mind for sure and definitely add years to my life. And I know I'm not alone. At the end of the day what should we be working for but to provide benefits for our kids. They are our legacy, treat them well and leave for them a system that can provide for a sense of well-being we currently do not have. 



25 Double unders

10m Handstand Walk / 3 Wall Climbs

:20 Ring Support Hold

20 Superman Rocks

:20 L Hang On Pull Up Bar


For Time

50 Double Unders

18 Knees To Elbow

18 Handstand Push Up

50 Double unders

18 L Pull Ups / Strict Pull Up

18 Pistol (per Leg)

50 Double Unders

18 Chin Ups

18 V Ups

Cool Down:

Row 2k

*using a :30 (1:55/ 2:05) and a :30 (2:02/2:15) pace.