030815 "why Jump?"

Just as in squatting/deadlifting we use multiple types of stance or stimulus to produce a certain reaction from the muscle or Nervous system. Plyometic jumping can be taught or developed in the same way. True Plyometics involves your muscles and feet reacting against the ground as a sprinter or long jumper would exert. Ground force causes a rapid concentric and eccentric motion within the muscle producing force.

There is also the type of plyometics that results when the eccentric is done with no ground force (i.e. seated box jump) which makes the eccentric/concentric motion much slower. What it is good for though is developing absolute power from the system in a very short period of time without the luxury of the ground to "bounce" off. Picture us Snatching or backsquatting. We do not jump down and then explode up, we lower down and then utilize maximal force and speed to drive up.

Hence the seated box jump. Maybe that is T.M.I. but it is always good to know why your body reacts certain ways when we test it. So Let's try some out!


10m Toe Walk

10m Heel Walk

200m Run

20m Bear Crawl

20m Crab Walk 

200m Run

30 V ups

30 Superman

Accessory Hip MObilization/ Ankle mObility

SKill Development:

Seated Box Jump

* 10 Minutes to establish max height

*Butt seated on bench/ feet flat/ dont excessively roll forward into jump

Pausing Front Squat

*5X3 @ 50-70% of Front Squat

* Hold bottom Position, without bouncing, for 3 Seconds. Per rep.

* Should not take more than 12 minutes.


30 Toes To bar

400m Farmer Carry *HEAVY KB or DB

30 Toes To bar