240815 Microwaves are killing you..

Im guilty. Seriously. In my quest to feed my body hot food, fast; I reach for leftovers in the refrigerator and throw them in the microwave sometimes. The rub is that this device, so prominent in millions of peoples homes is killing us with each use!

Am I exaggerating? No, not really. Even as a kid we are told to not stand directly in front of the box while we watch the cheese bubble inside or we await the moment we can grab our cup of hot chocolate. There may not have been so much wrong with this advise. Increasingly the incredibly intelligent scientific community has shown that the magic box on our counter is killing our food and, in turn,killing us. 

First the food. When you press start radiation bombards the contents of the microwave with radiation. Radiation on that level makes the water molecules inside the contents heat up and bounce around off each other which can change chemical composition and actually decrease the nutritional value. In fact, Vitamins and minerals like Vitamin B12, proteins, and good bacteria are straight up NUKED by the radiation. What you are left with is essentially 'dead' food. Dead food is devoid of any nutritional value. And on the scale of 'food death' carcinogens are at the lowest point. Have you ever overcooked anything in the microwave? Burned it maybe? Well that is essentially breaking down the proteins within the contents to a point where the chemical  make up flips to not only being devoid of nutrients but they are so burned 'rearranged' that they can become carcinogenic like that of a blackened steak on the BBQ. No bueno for the stomach and GUT!

Now the food (or what was food) is inside you. WHen you consume carcinogenic or 'dead' food your body will not respond with happy red blood cell production but the body sees it as an invader and produces white blood cells which are.... say it with me.... INFLAMMATORY... And as the astute folks that you are, you know that inflammation is the root of all that ails and ages us! When red blood cell production is halted or the bacterial homeostasis is shaken up, it can have a direct effect on our circulatory system. In response to microwaved food, Scientists have noted heart rate variability, increased blood pressure, and higher levels of cholesterol in the blood. 

Convenience can have benefits but in this case I would recommend that you move the microwave off the counter and replace it with a juicer or VitaMix. To reheat food, the best course of action is to grease a pan with coconut oil, toss the contents in the pan. Crank up the gas and cover until warm. You will not only get to control the heating easier but you will retain the important stuff inside the food. 

Taking the time to fuel your body correctly will pay off in the long run. Peak Performance is attained through a constant pursuit of correct choices and conscious thought. Be a champion, eat like a champion!


550m Run (Happy Birthday Celeste)

Squat Flow:

Kang Squat/Internal Rotation/ hip bridge/ Squat PNF/ Side Lunge/ Elbow To Instep


Barbell Complex

5X Deadlift

5XHang Power Clean

5X Front Squat


5X Back Squat


Back Squat



Ascending Ladder for 10 Minutes

20 Double Unders.. 1 Clean and Jerk (or Cluster) 135/95

20 Double Unders...2 C&J

20 Double Unders ...3 C&J

... so on and so forth. Score will be total clean and jerks or clusters completed! Have fun!