250815 A Greater Sense of Community

Busy lives and a crazy pace of life has reshaped our sense of community but CrossFit gives us insight and reinvigorates what was once held dear in our society. 

For generations, through tough times; communities have acted as a support system and have given humans a sense of camraderie that is essential to a healthy human life. As many of you who have been a part of our community for some time.... so you know. We all fall down, we all need a shoulder to cry on, we all need an ear to bend. We need to know that we are not in this alone! Togetherness is as vital as the air we breath. CrossFit communities worldwide provide the sense of community that is lacking in many aspects of life. 

Sharing a vested interest and interacting in a positive way can have an incredible impact on each others lives. Think about it. These simple actions can have an impact on so many people in such a deep and profound way. Showing interest, saying positive things??..... Really... Doesnt cost money, doesnt require you to go above and beyond. And you can change the world just by doing this... WOW. And when you change an individual, you change a community, when you change a community you can change the world. Ripple effect... and this happens every day at CrossFit Boxes around the world. Awesome. 

If your Box is lacking in this area, or want to bring your community up? Here are some things that you can do to keep the community growing and ripples getting bigger and bigger!

 - Introduce yourself to everyone in the gym on your way in and out of class.

-Buy Local

-Spend less time on the internet and watching TV

-Volunteer in the community

-support local schools

- organize outings.

CrossFit is super special not only in the sweat and struggle but in the deeper connections and greater sense of community that arises from being a part of a box. Do your part and leave this place better than how you found it!


Lat Band Stretch/Banded Hamstring Stretch/ Trunk Rotation banded

Running Drills:

-Leg Swing
-High Knees
-Butt Kickers
-High Skip
-Figure 4 drill




800m Run

30 KBS 70/53

30 Pull Up