260815 My Three Rules Olympic Lifting

1) Be Methodical. Do you want to know why we have such significant progressions for the Oly lifts? Do you know why we hit those positions over and over and over again? It is all by design. When you are learning the Oly lifts or you are trying to make progress you need to understand, plan and execute each and every movement. Pulling the bar close, passing the knees under tension, FEELING the hips reach high as possible, you need to make each movement a conscious thought. 

2) Be mechanical. I see people every day that I coach the lifts doing things that blow my mind. They miss the lift or squeak it out and then look at me with that uncomfortable look and wonder why it felt so awkward. And granted, if you are just learning the lift, they are complex and they can be uncomfortable;BUTTTTT..., If you would move you body with natural physics in mind.. things would go a lot smoother. That being said, if you have lived your life with bad posture or little body awareness..Things are going to be harder to learn. Now I know I'm sounding harsh but it is meant to drive home my point of being a mechanical lifter. During the repetitive drills, think about how the physics of the barbell can be either made easier or made harder. I will leave you with this, the bar wants to fall straight down to the floor. Straight! Manipulating your body around the bar is going to give you the best success!

3) Be aggressive. Pull, Push, Move that friggin bar each rep like your life depends on it! Don't short change the pull, be quick under the bar, force your body to stay fluid yet rigid when necessary . Get you angst out, drive hard and succeed. No lilly dipping in my class!


Roll out on PVC or Foam Roller or Ball for 5-7 Minutes

Snatch Warm Up

PVC or Bar

3-5 At Each Movement
-High Pull
-Muscle Snatch
-Overhead Squat
-Snatch Drops 2,4,6"
-Snatch Balance
-Hang Snatch
-Below Knee Snatch

Skill Development:

Build to your 90% in 10 Minutes or 15 Snatches

3X1 @ 90% Rest 2 Mins Between lifts
2X2 @80% Rest 2 mins Btwn


12 Min AMRAP

3 Power Snatch 135/95

12 Wall Ball 20/14