270815 Lift Each other Up, Easily

Clang, Bang. Sweat Pouring down your face, your hands are hurting, a little bit of blood stains the crease of your fingers. One more rep... Time! You are the first one done and you feel elated. After a moment doing the bacon sizzle on the ground, you rise... 

The moment that will define you, do you begin to pack your gear and leave or do you stay out on the floor and cheer on each person as they finish the workout? 

This tradition of cheering on the last person used to be the standard but I find that recently that last person is sometimes just getting in the way of people trying to clean up and conversate. One of the easiest ways you can show integrity and camaraderie in the gym is by cheering on those who finish after you. The weights will eventually get back in the rack but the spirit that you can elevate during a time of struggle is momentary. 

So drop the knee sleeves and stop walking over your fellow teammate to put your gear away. Show your support by cheering and motivating positively. The impacts are dramatic, the moments are priceless.


Partner Warm Up

10 Min AMRAP

40 Double unders

12 Goblet Squat 35/25

18 Weighted Box Step Up 35/25

24 Push Ups

*Partition the reps between you and your partner as you need. Practice communication and rely on each other for support.

Gymnastic Skill Work:

practice for 12 Minutes

8X Strict Toes TO bar
20X Superman Rocks
8X Strict handstand Push Up
:30 L Sit (Parallettes or plates)



Medicine Ball Clean
Handstand Push Up
*perform 2 Rope Climbs In Between Each Round